Kim Kardashian is a fan of her ex Pete Davidson and the True Crime podcast is coming.


They may have broken up, but Kim Kardashian thinks Pete Davidson is “cute.”

While being an actor and comedian with her Split in August After being romantically involved since October 2021, Kardashian has nothing but kind things to say about him Cover story of a recently published interview.

“He’s literally so nice. They don’t like him anymore,” she said. “I’m excited that he’s coming.”

The criminal justice advocate and law student also shared some details about her upcoming true crime podcast on Spotify.

“I’m obsessed,” Kardashian said of her true love of crime. “When I was studying in law school, I had to stop watching ‘Dateline’ and all the shows .”

Her new podcast is titled “The System.”

“The first season is about a really crazy case where a man was sentenced to death for a triple murder in Ohio,” Kardashian explained. There are so many twists and turns in Treated Crane, and we take the listener on a journey in search of the truth.”


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