Hurricane Earl: Bermuda in path, could cause ‘life-threatening waves’ as far as US East Coast

‘We could have hurricane conditions in Bermuda tonight,’ says Miami-based National Hurricane Center said Thursday afternoon.

The swell generated by Earl is building near Bermuda and is expected to reach the east coast of the United States later Thursday, forecasters said.

The National Hurricane Center said, “These swells are likely to produce life-threatening waves that will tear through current conditions throughout the weekend.

The center of Hurricane Earl was about 290 kilometers south of Bermuda as of 2 p.m. Thursday, according to the center. The cyclone headed north-northeast at 20 kilometers per hour (13 mph).

It threw a maximum sustained wind of 105 mph. This will likely intensify.

The National Hurricane Center said, “It’s expected to get stronger in the next day or so, and Earl could become a major hurricane later today.

What is a “big hurricane”? Maximum sustained winds of at least 111 mph.


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