Remove the HP Support Assistant Utility from Taskbar Quickly

The latest models of Hewlett-Packard or HP computers have the HP Support Assistant pre-installed. This is a free utility that notifies about various HP updates. It has become an integral part of HP laptops released after 2012. Both Windows 10 and 11 users can access the utility by double-tapping on its shortcut icon on their desktop. You can also view it by tapping its icon on the taskbar. 

However, many people don’t find the need for it and wish to get rid of it temporarily. If you also do wish for the same, you might want to know how to move the HPSA from the taskbar. Keep reading this piece to find out about it.

What Prompts Users to Remove HP Support Assistant?

From the program’s incompatibility with other apps to being considered malicious, many reasons exist for users to remove HPSA. Here are some of the chief causes behind its uninstallation by a vast majority of HP users. 

  • HPSA crashes at frequent time intervals. 
  • Some people think that this program is infected with a virus. 
  • HPSA isn’t compatible with a majority of commonly installed applications. 
  • Some processes related to HPSA keep running on your system even after you remove the program. 
  • Users don’t find HPSA listed among the installed programs in the Windows control panel. 
  • The program does not completely remove itself from the system. 
  • Sometimes, the program installs again.

The Steps to Remove HPSA from a Taskbar

It is extremely easy to remove this utility by HP from your taskbar. Here are some good ways to remove it.

Don’t choose to display the HPSA icon on the taskbar.

Use this method if you are tired of reading about different HP updates in the Support Assistant utility. However, you don’t want to eliminate it fully. The utility usually comes back after you remove it from the toolbar section. So, follow these directions.

  • Launch HPSA.
  • Now, navigate to its ‘Settings.’ It is there in the upper-right part.
  • Now, scroll down. Find the option, ‘Choose how you’d like to be notified.’
  • Here, uncheck the option to display its icon on the taskbar.
  • After that, save the changes.
  • Now, you won’t be able to locate HPSA’s icon on the taskbar.

Uninstall HPSA

You can also simply uninstall this HP utility. But for doing so, you need to follow a lengthier process than the above-mentioned one. Here are the directions to go by.

  • Head to the official website of HP.
  • Once there, click the ‘Support’ section.
  • After that, go to ‘Software and Drivers.’
  • Input your product number.
  • After that, choose the operating system.
  • Next, find the option to locate software and BIOS.
  • Now, find the HP Support Assistant utility.
  • You now need to do the HP Support Assistant download.
  • After that, simply uninstall it.
  • That’s it; the tool won’t be there on your system. But if you want to use it sometime in the future, just reinstall it back. It won’t take much time.

How to Decide Whether to Remove HPSA or Not

Many HP users find themselves in a dilemma over whether to remove this utility or keep it. This decision is totally up to you. However, by considering the two factors below, you will be able to make a better decision. 

  1. Do you really require HPSA?

Often, the device manager that comes pre-installed in the Windows operating system serves much of the role of the HPSA. Through it, you can update your driver and find data related to your computer in BIOS and other tools. 

Going by this, there’s really no need to keep this software installed. However, there might be instances when you require tools such as a hard drive and an HP battery. In such a case, the HPSA will prove to be a handy tool. It’s also wise to use this tool if you wish to find specific data related to your system more easily. 

  1. Is HPSA interfering with the Windows operating system?

The software doesn’t interfere with Windows in most cases. However, there have been reports of the software having various unpatched vulnerabilities. It, in turn, can make it easier for hackers to access your system. Following this, it’s wise to keep HPSA only if you use it regularly. 

Final Thoughts

The HP Support Assistant does a great job of using updates to fix various problems with your computer. Although, it can help with various things, it’s not mandatory to keep it in your system. So, you can remove its icon from the taskbar easily. If you feel the need to know a bit more about HPSA, contact an expert email technical support service. 

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