Best casino-themed tattoo designs

Casinos are top-rated, and people of all ages enjoy casinos and gambling (well, after reaching the legal gambling age). Offering a wide selection of games, entertainment, and almost free liquor on the gambling floor, casinos are a lively place to be at and spend some time. 

Due to the overwhelming and addictive nature of gambling, the games and casinos, in general, have somewhat of a bad reputation. Even still, everyone at some point in their lives experiences a casino. If you can retain a healthy relationship with casinos, they are an excellent source of entertainment and get some relaxing time. 

Some people’s love for casinos is so immense that they choose to get casino-themed tattoos on their bodies. Permanent tattoos simply show a commitment and likeness to a thing or a person. Similarly, a casino-themed tattoo displays a person’s keen interest in the establishment. 

Types of Casino tattoos

Casino tattoos are actually quite popular, and a number of people opt for these in several variations. Depending upon the game you love or the casino that is your favorite, you can choose the tattoo design from the most trending options. Alternatively, you can even get one custom-made. 

Whether you like fast paying casino games or those requiring more skill, there is something for everyone in a casino. If you are confused about the type of casino-themed tattoo to opting for, click here to find some incredible choices to choose from. 

  • Roulette Wheel: Roulette is quite a popular game and one of chance and luck. If this game is one of your favorites, there are a number of Roulette wheel tattoo designs to choose from. Usually, a roulette wheel tattoo, some people believe, is a sign of having luck on your side. 

If that really is the case, it seems to be quite a fantastic choice for a casino-themed tattoo for anyone fond of casinos, gambling, tattoos, and who believes in the power of luck. It is one of the most classic casino themed tattoo designs out there. 

  • Cards: The majority of casino games, whether it is poker, blackjack, or even something basic like high card low card, are all based on cards. Therefore, a card tattoo is another classic casino themed tattoo design that you can opt for. 

Card Tattoos are highly customizable and could be a lucky hand for you; a complete blackjack hit, a full-house, or something else, depending upon which game you like or if there are any particular cards that you really prefer.

  • 4 Aces: 4 aces to one player is a tough hand to get in any casino game. However, its scarcity is what makes it so desirable. The 4 aces cards tattoo design is another classic casino-themed tattoo design and is believed to promote good luck when playing card games in a casino/
  • Dice: A number of casino games are dice games, and as such, dice tattoos are also a pretty popular choice for casino-themed tattoos. These tattoos are available in a bunch of designs, with some as a part of an elaborate tattoo depicting a casino while others just of the dice. 

Alternatively, there are also some dice tattoos that only consist of the dice itself, but in various different and fierce looks. For example, a set of dice with flames is one of the most popular dice designs for casino-themed tattoos. 

  • Card Symbols: If you wish to have a minimalist and small tattoo that depicts your interest in casinos, gambling, or generally just card games, then this is the one to go for. It’s a simple tattoo of the four card symbols, viz, clubs, heart, spade, and diamond, and looks quite elegant.
  • Vegas, Nevada: Vegas is the most popular gambling city across the world. The city is known for showing you a good time, and anyone fond of it or of casinos can get an elaborate Vegas Nevada tattoo. The tattoo depicts the famous “the fabulous Las Vegas” sign. 
  • Poker Chips: Poker being a popular gaming choice in a casino, has also become a popular tattoo choice for casino-themed tattoos. A stack of poker chips or a fallen stack of poker chips, in color or black and white, is often chosen by those fond of this particular casino game. 
  • Multiple games in one: If you cannot choose one game and are immensely taken with casinos, you can get an entire tattoo sleeve or an extravagant full-back tattoo with all the casino games. This type of tattoo usually includes images of cards, dice, poker chips, slots machine, a roulette wheel, etc. 

With a plethora of options to select from, determining on a single casino-themed tattoo can be a time-taking event. All these tattoo design options come in a variety of designs, and often people are also encouraged to come up with new designs to get something unique and special for themselves. 

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