Tulsa News anchor Julie Chin is doing well after suffering ‘beginning of stroke’ on air

“I’m sorry,” she told viewers on CNN affiliate KJRH. prize.”

Brown stretched out the weather segment as much as possible during a commercial break called 911.

“We had to stop airing. We had to make sure Julie was getting the attention she needed,” Brown told the station in a later interview.

Ching was taken to the hospital and tested for the rest of the weekend, revealing she had what she described as “the beginning of a stroke.”

she just thought “let’s focus more”

A doctor explained that she experienced symptoms early in the broadcast when she could only see half of the words displayed on the teleprompter. I thought. She fixed it during a commercial break, she recalls.

“It still looked interesting, but I thought, ‘I can do it. I’m the only one out there. I have to do this,'” she said.

Then her hands and arms went numb, but Chin brushed it off.

She tried to text her husband but again struggled for words and said, “I need help. I will…” writes.

When Chin couldn’t pronounce the words she was reading on the teleprompter, she knew the problem was more than misalignment.

“I started reading, but the words didn’t come out of my mouth,” she said. “They were right in front of me and knew what they were reading, but they didn’t come.”

in a Facebook post on Sunday evening, about a day and a half after the incident, Chin thanked viewers for their messages, writing: A few witnessed it firsthand on Saturday morning, and I’m so sorry. ”

Chin felt fine before the show, she said, and the symptoms “came out of nowhere”. She said she knew she was in “big trouble” when she couldn’t speak properly, and that her co-workers recognized that there was an emergency. Thank you.

“My dad jokes that this is the first time I’ve spent a lot of time alone since my son was born[in 2014]and he’s right,” she wrote on Sunday. I’m happy to share that my test results were all good.At this point the doctors think I have a beginning stroke but not a full stroke.I still have many questions and I have a lot to follow up with…but the bottom line is that I’m fine.”

turn experience into education

Fellow anchor Karen Larsen interviewed Chin on KJRH’s package, which aired Tuesday. Larsen found her resting at her home and reported that she appeared to be her “normal, happy, healthy self.”

“I’m taking it easy. I opened my work computer yesterday and my husband said, ‘Close that computer,'” Chin told Larsen. “The good news is it all worked out. We didn’t see anything really scary for them. But the bad news about that is we don’t know why it happens and it could happen again.” It means that there is

Chin vowed to keep looking for answers and learned a lot about stroke.of American Stroke Association The acronym FAST encapsulates the symptoms.
  • debtdrooping ace
  • arm weakness or numbness
  • S.Sound is blurry or obstructed
  • T.call 911 now

Other warning signs include confusion, loss of vision in one or both eyes, dizziness or loss of balance, severe headaches with no apparent cause, and numbness in the face or legs, especially on one side of the body. says the association.

According to KJRH, Chin is a healthy woman and said this was her first medical emergency, and the anchor told her viewers to call a medical professional immediately if they spot any of the aforementioned signs. I urge you not to hesitate.

“If you need help, ask for help because I went through a hard time without asking for help. You should probably ask for help sooner,” she said.

Cameron Richardson, the nurse manager of St. Patrick’s Stroke Team, said a stroke can strike anyone of any age. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, where Chin was treated. He emphasized that urgent treatment is essential. He should call 911 immediately and tell the dispatcher that he has symptoms of a stroke.

“Every second counts,” he told KJRH. “Time is a big factor. Time is like the brain.”

“I can’t live in fear”

Approximately 800,000 Americans experience a stroke each year, according to the WHO. Centers for Disease Control and PreventionAbout three-quarters of those will have their first stroke, the center says.

Meteorologist Brown applauded the efforts of his colleagues to use their own experience to teach the Tarsans how to protect themselves.

“Only Julie was able to openly tell people what she was going through. I know her message will save many lives.

Chin continues to be tested. wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesdayand she expects to be back behind Anchor’s desk “in the next few days.”

“I might be a little nervous when I drop anchor for the first time, but I’m going to get back on my horse. I can’t live in fear,” she told Larsen. “God gave me this chapter for a reason.” Since you gave it to me, I will use it forever, and it won’t stop me from doing anything.

“But can you please take it easy?”

Source: www.cnn.com

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