The next big Democratic star (you haven’t heard of it yet)

State Attorney General Healy received more than 85% of the vote.her only opponent dropped out of the primary in junebut remained in the vote.

(Side note: Healy’s political strength in Massachusetts shows that no major challenge in a Democratic state was as serious as it was in Massachusetts.)

If Healy wins the general election, and given the Democratic Party’s tendencies in Massachusetts and the fact that Republicans in the state chose Donald Trump supporters as their nominees, she would be highly favored. in the country. (Democrat Tina Kotek, who is running for Governor of Oregon this year, may join her). Healy is also the first woman to serve as governor of Massachusetts.

For Healy, this isn’t the first time she’s made history. When she was elected state attorney general in 2014, she was the country’s first homosexual to hold the position.

went to harvard where she played basketballShe continued to play professionally in Europe. (Austria, to be exact.) In the first advertisement for her bid for Attorney General, Healy mentioned her unique background. “When she becomes a five-four pro basketball player, she learns to fight the big guys,” she said.

If Healy is elected governor in November, and there is every reason to believe that she will, she will serve as Chief Executive of one of the nation’s most democratic states and the most prominent (if not) Her profile as one of the state’s elected LGBTQ leaders will soon make her a national figure within the party.

So if President Joe Biden drops out of a second term, and if there is no insider information on when or what he will ultimately decide on the matter, Healy’s name will be: Vice President Kamala Harris, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and many others.

Should Healy make a decision against such a bid, there is no doubt that her name will be mixed as a running vice presidential candidate.

Healey, 51, is in no rush. Even in 2028, she’s still in her 50s, and she could be entering her second term as Governor of Bay County at that point.

point: Healy has been a rising star for some time now. Her ascension is now almost complete. Watch out for her emergence as a major player in the Democratic Party in the years to come.


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