‘Saved by the Lord’ Dallas man suffers heart attack at church

Dallas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas man shares what he calls a “miracle story” after nearly dying.

“We have finished the Lord’s Prayer and are preparing to make donations.”

That was the last time 72-year-old Bob Richardson remembered the morning of August 28th.

“My wife, who was sitting right next to me, looked over and apparently put her head back and dropped the envelope that was in the collection plate,” Richardson said.

Dr. Gary Weinstein and his family happened to be sitting about 30 feet apart across the aisle. When he realized something was wrong with Richardson, he took action.

“I went up to him and looked at him and he didn’t look very good,” said Dr. Weinstein, director of respiratory and critical care at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. And as the senior pastor, he called 911 and started CPR while the organist and pianist continued playing.

Dr. Stan Copeland of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church said:

Church officials grabbed the defibrillator and Weinstein shocked Richardson. No pulse yet. He continued CPR and after his heart-rending minute, Richardson breathed his last.

“He had a strong pulse and paramedics came and took him away,” Weinstein said.

Richardson spent five days in the hospital, but after a week returned to his favorite pew to worship and thank the man who saved his life.

Richardson said, “There are many more people the Lord could have saved, but I am glad that the Lord chose me that day.

Weinstein, who was Jewish and had been visiting church with his wife and stepfather, said he just did what anyone with a heart and knowledge of CPR would do.

“I was in the right place at the right time, no doubt.”

On Tuesday, the church added three more defibrillators to those it already had, and made sure one was near every worship area in case it was needed again. .

Source: www.cbsnews.com

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