Opinion: Britain’s new prime minister and the dangers of ‘destiny’s child feminism’

But Truss isn’t known for embracing gender solidarity. Like Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, Truth’s loyalty seems to lie first and foremost with her party rather than gender.
Her lack of solidarity with other female politicians was shown last month when Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin came under fire. video A picture of her partying with her friends popped up on social media.
Other female politicians rushed to Mullin’s defense, noting that he was bound to different standards than male politicians.Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweets Photo of myself dancing in Cartagena, Colombia with captions [former Texas governor] Ann Richards said, “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels,” encouraging Marin to “keep dancing.”

Ms Truss, 47, is similarly a relatively ‘young woman’, with Britain’s two other female prime ministers aged 53 and 59 respectively when they took office. However, unlike other female leaders, Truss has remained silent about the media controversy surrounding Marin’s private life. So she may have been hesitant to bring the controversy to court during her campaign for the post of prime minister.)

But her lack of national solidarity with Marin implies an unwillingness to be defined as a “female” politician, and the new female prime minister has been particularly vocal about the gender implications of government policies. For those who might expect it to show a racist perception, it presents a disgusting foreboding. Cost of living crisis.
Britain’s last female prime minister, Theresa May (who held the highest office before Boris Johnson), was a self-proclaimed feminist.Co-founding member of the group 2 wins for women, May, a female Tory leader interested in entering politics, “This is what feminists look like.” Many in the feminist movement felt she could have done more to advance women’s interests, but even her critics celebrated her legacy We represent abused women and victims of female genital mutilation and support extended maternity leave.

In contrast, Truss said little about her attitudes towards gender politics, despite the fact that she retained the title of Minister for Women and Equality, along with her career as Minister of Foreign Affairs, until she became Prime Minister. I have kept my silence.

Liz Truss has trouble sleeping at night
Her campaign plan to address violence against women includes: criminalize street harassment. She never voted to restrict access to abortion. But even some critics within her own party questioned her commitment To protect reproductive rights. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, she No Comment on the recent US reversal of Roe vs. Wade, and approved Rewrite the Multinational Statement on Religious Freedom and Gender Equality to remove references to access to abortion.
In one of the few interviews in which Truss used the term ‘feminism’, she told the BBC in October 2019 that she described herself as “Destiny’s Child Feminist” (See musical groups whose alumni include Beyoncé Knowles). This was because Truss believed that women should be “self-reliant,” not as “victims” who need special government assistance, but “with their own abilities” to be “empowered.” clarified that it should be treated as a “personal person”. A limited definition of feminism that emphasizes the freedom to choose and succeed, rather than the freedom conferred by systemic protection from disability, by the state to achieve one’s own potential.
Almost three years later, the Truss seize power at a time of deep economic crisis. “Floors provided by social safety nets” A truss, by contrast, claimed The solution to Britain’s economic woes is stimulating growth through low tax policies, not social welfare spending.
When Prime Minister Thatcher feminist He criticized her for failing to take into account the disproportionate impact that her government’s decision to cut social welfare spending had, especially on unmarried female workers.
Since Margaret Thatcher became prime minister, the wage gap between male and female workers, the so-called gender pay gap, has narrowed, but men continue to be paid. 8% increase than women in equivalent jobs. In 2021, the gender pay gap will actually widen in the UK for the first time in decades. Women still likely to rely on state benefits — 53% of universal credit claimants are women. And according to one survey, new education unionBritish women are more likely than men to experience persistent poverty.
The study was supported by a recent analysis of Department of Work and Pensions data conducted by the opposition Labor Party.According to the Minister for Women and Equality in the Shadow of Labor Anneliese Doddswomen in particular feel ‘brutally exposed’ to the cost of living crisis that is engulfing the UK today. I feel it is unlikely that I will.
Truss Promise freeze electricity bills It will be welcome news for many of these women, and others who risk being pushed into poverty by rising energy prices.whereas she Commitment to regressive tax policy It would exacerbate the comparative disadvantage of low-paid British women.

Unless Truss discovers that feminism means more than ‘independence’, legislation will increase the permanent disadvantage for British women in working and push more women into relative poverty. You run the risk of

Of course, it is also possible that the experience of public service awakens in Truss a deeper appreciation of her duty not only to be a female prime minister, but to be a prime minister for women.Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she had never campaigned as a feminist before being elected leader, but her experience in office made her Growing appreciation of feminism and gender politics.

But if Truss ignores the disproportionate impact of government austerity on women in the UK, it may end up punishing him at the ballot box.

Source: www.cnn.com

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