Lea Michele gets multiple standing ovations for ‘Funny Girl’ debut


Lea Michele’s return to Broadway was met with a warm welcome.

‘Glee’ star’s turn Fanny Blythe For “Funny Girl”, she received four standing ovations before the intermission, according to The New York Times. deadlineShe was celebrated again in the final act, where Michele and co-star Tova Feldshuh received a bouquet of white roses.

Feldshuh plays Mrs. Bryce in the production.

In the audience were Michele’s former “Spring Awakening” co-star Jonathan Groff, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, and actor Zachary Quinto.

Michele often referred to “Funny Girl” while appearing on “Glee.” Her character, Rachel Berry, roared through the musicals “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” “I’m the Greatest Star,” and “People.”

‘Booksmart’ actor last featured in ‘Funny Girl’ Beanie Feldstein in the title roll.

Feldstein said he left “Funny Girl” two months early after it was announced that he would be replaced by Michele, following the decision to “take the show in a different direction.”

Source: www.cnn.com

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