How Do You Design an App?

Do you want to design an app? Are you curious about the process? If you are, then no need to worry because in this blog you are going to learn the app designing process. With advanced technology, people have started spending most of their time on the internet. In the current digital age, we are surrounded by thousands of applications for almost every purpose. Whether it’s online shopping, socializing, food delivery, or gaming. Therefore, it is very important to make a strong mobile strategy because mobile apps help your business reach potential customers.

A business app is a good way to highlight who you are in the same way as human design which is a blueprint of who you are and what you were born to be. An app is the best way to give insights into your business what you are known for, your offerings, the purpose of your company, and many other things.

When designing an app, the most important thing is consistency. Maintaining a design consistency across the entire app is integral as helps users to flow through your app. Just as human design is based on neutrinos which are the base behind the Human Design structure. So, let’s see how to design an app. In this blog, we are going to explore the app designing process.

  1. Set the Goals

Before starting you need to think about why the app is needed and what you want to achieve. They are a few questions that you need answers to:

  • What is the goal of your app? What do you want to do?
  • How will you make the app more appealing to users?
  • What is the problem that you need to address through your app?
  • Why should users use your app instead of competitors? What’s different?

Setting certain goals will help you throughout the entire process where the focus is needed. If you are a manifestor according to your human design type then you can be a good starter by keeping these objectives in mind.

  • It’s time to Make a Plan

Still not the time to reach for the computer and start app development. Hold the pencil and paper for a while and start creating an outline. Think deeper about how your app will earn money through such as ads, in-app purchases, etc. Write down where you will grab the ideas from and how you will implement them in your app. It is kind of a roadmap of your app. As mentioned earlier, being a manifestor is going to help you to freely work on your strategy according to the human design system.

  • Work With a Designer

Now that you have a vision and a clear strategy of the app and what it will look like, you need a designer and an expert who will easily understand your strategy to design an app for your business. Focus on informing the designer before starting so things can go smoothly. This is a good way to initiate the process and allow others to participate rather than doing everything on your own and this is a good thing according to the human design theory.

  • Research About Competitors

It’s time for you to reach your computer and start searching for your competitors. Check every web and app that you think is your potential competitor in the market. Research is the most important part when it comes to app design. Understand each and everything about the niche market of your app. You know the world is constantly changing and unique things are being introduced that can easily catch people’s attention.

According to human design, you know it’s worth putting your energy into as it will give you insights about your competitors and what’s going on in the market.

  • Wireframe of your app

According to human design, your inner intelligence enables you to make informed decisions and with the help of this, we get to know whether the decision is right or wrong. You need to decide how your app should look, and the features and functions it should include. You can take help of the digital wireframes as they are much easier than doing it on paper. You don’t need to choose the specific designs yet. Here you are deciding the overall structure of the app. A wireframe will help you to know what pages are required and how the app will work.

  • An App Builder Can Help

Another best method is to use an app builder. This will help you to save money as hiring a designer might be a bit costly for some of you. This is a good option for those who want a complex design and have specific requirements.

  • Choose Mindful Colors and Fonts

Color psychology plays a huge role and put a great impact on people. The fonts and colors that you choose are going to decide how your app looks. You don’t need to mix the colors or use bright colors that will affect the professional and decent look of your app. Just like the human design type is your unique quality and defines who you are, in the same way, the colors and font will define the overall look of your app.

  • Be Careful with the Navigation

It doesn’t matter how good your content or app features are if users are facing navigation issues. A user will immediately leave your app if it has problems with the navigation. The more you focus on the navigation the less will be the bounce rate. Everyone loves to have easy access to information that they are looking for. With the help of the best navigation practices, make your app user-friendly and responsive.

  • App Accessibility

Do not wait and rely on the stats that you will analyze later about how well your app is working. Well according to human design type, if you are a reflector then you can’t do anything as you need to wait for the results before making any decisions. Billions of users use apps according to their needs on daily basis. Some of them are disabled and you can’t exclude them as every user is important to you. So, you need to keep accessibility in mind during the UI design.

People with vision issues need larger text, so you should focus on keeping the text large enough to make things easy for them. Use the appropriate colors for people who are color blind. Also, take care of the touch targets as most people hold the phones in their left hand instead of their right hand.

  1. Minimize User Input

When it comes to apps, typing information into mobile apps is a bit difficult and increases the chances of error. To provide a good user experience, you need to reduce the amount of input needed from users. Keep your form relevant and short, and avoid asking for unnecessary details. Provide the autofill option that can simplify the form-filling process for users. Make sure the form also specifies the mistakes so the user doesn’t need to check all the information by themselves.

Final Thoughts

The app designing process is not a difficult task, you just need to have the right command and knowledge on a few things and you are all set to design an app for your business. Hopefully, the above app designing process will help you create an app that can really turn heads.

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