Hopes for breakthrough in Iran deal continue to fade


Efforts toward revival iran nuclear deal Tehran’s latest response suggests it is not ready to return to a deal in the near future because it failed to cooperate in investigating traces of undeclared nuclear material, as US officials accuse. , the United States is once again in trouble.

The US and Iran have exchanged responses via the EU to a proposal put forward by top EU diplomat Josep Borrell. Iran submitted her first response in mid-August. The US replied to it about a week later.

Last Thursday, Iran sent an updated response, which a State Department spokesperson said was “not constructive.”

On Monday, Borrell said he was “not very confident” about the prospects for the nuclear deal the US pulled out of in 2018 under Trump. Iran is increasingly violating its commitments to the deal and expanding its nuclear program in the wake of the US withdrawal.

“The last interaction is diverging, not converging,” said Borrell, who said it was “very disturbing.”

“If the process doesn’t converge, the whole process is in jeopardy,” he said.

In its latest response, Iran has reopened the issue of a UN nuclear watchdog investigation into traces of undeclared uranium found at Iranian sites, according to a senior US official. Iranian officials have repeatedly said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) investigation must be completed before the deal can be returned. But another senior US official suggested last month that Iran had accepted the EU’s proposal, which Borrell described as a “final document”, without demanding an investigation.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said in a limited report to member states that he was “increasingly concerned” that “no progress has been made” toward resolving the issue. Protect issues during this reporting period. ”

Grossi said the IAEA “is not in a position to provide assurances that Iran’s nuclear program is entirely peaceful” unless “Iran provides a technically credible explanation for the existence of uranium particles.” .

“Iran needs to answer the IAEA’s questions,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said last month, adding that “our position remains unchanged.”

In June, the IAEA Board of Governors accused Iran and demanded an explanation for the discovery of uranium particles at three undeclared sites in 2019. Negotiator for updates on the country’s uranium enrichment programme.

On Wednesday, Deputy State Department spokeswoman Vedant Patel reiterated that the United States continues negotiations to rescue the Iran nuclear deal, but that “Iran’s reaction did not put us in a position to conclude the deal.” .

“This is what we will continue to pursue. We believe and affirm that mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA is not only in the national security interests of this country, but an important step to contain it.” Iran’s nuclear program,” Patel said at a press conference, using the acronym of the 2015 agreement’s official name: Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Source: www.cnn.com

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