Fetterman Agree To Debate Oz In Pennsylvania Senate Election, Details TBD

Fetterman said in a statement Wednesday that he will always be discussing Oz and that the holdup is “just to address some of my stroke, auditory processing issues, and we can work on that.” You can do it. Out.”

Fetterman declined to give details on when or where the Oz debate was planned, but said he was aiming for sometime “mid-to-late October,” adding that “the details are still being worked out. It’s where we are,’ he added.

He first made a similar comment in an interview Politico Published on Wednesday.

Minutes after the interview was published, Oz’s camp released a statement mocking the announcement, calling it a “secret discussion.”

“Let’s be clear, Dr. Oz’s campaign doesn’t agree to a secret debate. It has to be a real debate with real journalists asking real questions. Sorry John, Fictitious discussions don’t count!” said Brittany Yanick, Communications Director at Oz.

Pennsylvania Senate seat top pickup opportunities For Democrats who are defending a narrow majority in the House this fall. The state narrowly voted for Joe Biden in 2020, four years after voters marginally favored Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Oz and retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey held a joint press conference, accusing Fetterman of lying about his health or trying to dodge debate questions.

“He is afraid that either he will not do as well as he claims, or that he will be criticized for the radical policies he supports.”

Fetterman’s campaign claims he has made a full recovery, but is in part due to what they describe as an “auditory processing” problem that can complicate his ability to hear and speak. This problem, Fetterman and his aide say, will be resolved with time.

Fetterman’s senior adviser, Rebecca Katz, accused the Oz campaign of “deliberately conflating two separate things: John’s health and this final, lingering effect of stroke.”

“John Fetterman is healthy,” she said. “He’s sharp. He’s funny. He’s on it.”

Source: www.cnn.com

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