Analysis: Democrats see this as the silver bullet for 2022

Buying TV ads is (still) the biggest spend most campaigns make. So don’t waste money on messages that don’t seem to work.

That’s how much money Democrat groups and candidates spent on ads highlighting the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Incredibly important and important about their medium-term plans.

Since the June 24 court ruling, Democrats have spent about $66 million on more than 250 ads that mention abortion, according to AdImpact statistics compiled by AdImpact. CNN’s David WrightThat’s six times, or six times, what the Republicans spent on commercials centered around the issue in the same period.
* Mary Peltola, Alaska’s only congressional seat and elected Democrat, advertisement In it, she said, “Some 4,000 miles away, six Supreme Court justices have taken away one of Alaska’s most fundamental freedoms: the right to choose. It’s a game changer.” .
* In the Nevada Senate election, the Democratic Senate Election Commission advertisement He bashed Republican nominee Adam Laxalt for “admiring the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade,” noting that he called the original ruling a “joke.”
* another advertisement From the DSCC for the Arizona Senate election, we have the testimony of a woman who chose to have an abortion. “Blake Masters doesn’t know what I’ve been through. He has no business making that decision for me or for women,” she says, referring to the Republican candidate.
The early political interests of the Democratic Party were promising.Referendum Bids to Remove Abortion Protection from Kansas State Constitution failed miserably during the summer. A special election in upstate New York – where the Democratic candidate explicitly ran on his Roe decisions – amazing victory For the party of President Joe Biden. And even in long-conservative home Alaska, Pertola won a special election in a field that included former Republican Governor Sarah Palin in the remaining months of the late Rep. Don Young’s term.
It’s not just anecdotal evidence to suggest that the Democratic Party’s big bets on abortion are paying off. After trailing in the popular vote (“If the election were today, would you support the Democratic or Republican candidate for Congress?”) for most of last year, some polls show the Democrats leading. Suddenly, you’re leading, albeit by a small margin. . For example, the recent Wall Street Journal survey 47% of registered voters supported Democrats and 44% supported Republicans.
Much of the movement is among women, especially independent women.As Director of Polling for The Wall Street Journal Aaron Zitner explains:

“Abortion has emerged as a key issue motivating the votes of many, including women in political swing groups. I moved the point.

The Supreme Court’s abortion ruling has arguably pulled Democrats back from the brink of political upheaval that seemed like the summer had just begun. Most nonpartisan political disabled see the battle for control of the Senate as a true toss-up. House Republicans still dominate the race for the House, but their prospects of winning significant seats are waning.

The question now is whether abortion as a motivator for Democrats and independent women will persist for the next 62 days.


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