5 Things You Need to Know on September 7: Heatwave, Primaries, Covid-19, Ukraine, Apple

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1. Extreme heat

A brutal heat wave devastated the western United States record breaking temperature There was a threat of widespread power outages this week. Sacramento, California recorded 116 degrees on Tuesday, making it the hottest day ever recorded in the state capital. National Weather ServiceParts of Northern California, Utah and Montana have also recently broken records, with some cities seeing temperatures more than 10 degrees above their all-time highs. As a result, some of the largest U.S. utility companies are telling customers to prepare for potential rolling outages. The prediction is intense heat Expected to last at least until Friday across much of the West.

2. Primary election

Voters in Massachusetts have elected a former state legislator endorsed by former President Donald Trump as the Republican gubernatorial candidate for the CNN project.of Jeff Deal win Set up a showdown with Democratic Attorney General Maura Healy in the general election. Deal would be a big underdog against Healy, with CNN predicting on Tuesday that Healy would win the Democratic nomination, setting her chances of becoming president of the state. First Out Lesbian GovernorSeparately, Tuesday’s most competitive high-profile Democratic primary was to be named state attorney general to replace Healy. CNN Projects Former Boston City Council Speaker Andrea Campbellthe first black woman to hold the job wins the nomination.

3. Covid-19

The Biden administration announced Tuesday that the US is on its way to Annual shot against Covid-19This should come as no surprise, although federal health officials have been hinting at changes like this since the spring, but as the government continues to escalate its efforts to tackle the pandemic, this marks a pivotal moment. Vaccine experts also say the transition to annual vaccination COVID-19 It does not disappear.Dr. Ashish Jha, who will lead the White House Covid-19 response team, is newly approved Updated Covid-19 booster It will be free to all who qualify and want it, but as pandemic funding continues to dwindle, future vaccines and treatments may not be available.

4. Ukraine

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet next week, according to Russian state media.this is first meeting Between the two leaders, who have developed a close relationship since Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year. Experts say the talks also show the importance of relations with Russia to China, which faces an international counterattack against Russia’s unilateral military actions. Separately, a study at Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant found that Violating safety principles on the site, the United Nations nuclear watchdog said in a report on Tuesday. Government agencies are calling for a “safe zone” to prevent a nuclear accident amid continuous shelling.

5. Apple

Apple Debut iPhone 14 lineup later today at the company’s annual September keynote event. The event will begin at 1pm ET and will be streamed live on Apple’s website and social media channels. This year’s event was teased with a “far away” tagline and invitations featuring a night sky with the constellations that form Apple’s logo. Some have speculated that it could improve distance photography.It’s also rumored that the iPhone 14 lineup will include a 6.7-inch phone that isn’t a Pro model. In other words, the screen size increases, but without a higher price tagBut in typical fashion, Apple hasn’t released pricing details or specs to build excitement for today’s announcement.

breakfast browse

McDonald’s Adds New Autumn Items

and surprisingly, not a pumpkin Or maple…

Actor Jennifer Lawrence loves being a mother

“My heart stretched to capacities I never knew existed,” Lawrence said in a new interview on motherhood. Read her heartwarming reaction here.

WNBA legend Sue Bird retired from the game after losing the playoffs in Seattle.

legendary basketball player sue bird farewell After her Seattle Storm lost to the Las Vegas Aces in a nail-biting match on Tuesday, she returned to the sport.

Justin Bieber suspends tour for treatmentth

announced by the superstar singer he needs another break From his tour following the health crisis he suffered earlier this year.

Tips for counting steps

Wearing a smartwatch this is the magic steps It should be taken daily to reduce the risk of dementia, according to new research.

today’s number


That figure shows how much of Pakistan currently underwater Due to unprecedented and deadly floods. Officials say more than 33 million people have been affected and the death toll has reached her 1,300.

quote of the day

“I was in shock. I was just in shock. I really didn’t expect the country to act like this on me.”

— New Mexico County Commissioner Couy Griffinwhen removed from the position he was elected on Tuesday his role in the riot At the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Griffin, an avid conspiracy theorist and founder of Cowboys for Trump, also refused to prove the results of the state primary in Otero County, New Mexico, this summer. This historic ruling marks the first time an elected official has been removed from office for participating in or supporting a Capitol riot.

today’s weather

And finally

get close to wildlife

This short video lets you immerse yourself in nature with elephants in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. (Click here to view)

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