Zaporizhia: IAEA calls for ‘safe zone’ around Ukrainian nuclear power plant

In its report, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said, “There is an urgent need for interim measures to prevent nuclear accidents arising from physical damage caused by military means.”

“This can be achieved by immediately establishing a protected zone of nuclear safety and security,” the agency continued in its report, adding that “consultation is urgently needed to establish such nuclear safety and security protection.” We are ready to start,” he added. ZNPP zone. ”

“The IAEA remains deeply concerned about the ZNPP situation, and this has not changed,” the report said. “All seven pillars are compromised on site,” citing the nuclear surveillance framework, which includes the physical integrity of the facility, safety systems, secure offsite power, effective radiation monitoring systems, and reliable communications. said. regulator.

The report comes after IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi led a team to Zaporizhia last week amid shelling in the area.

Once there, the team saw first-hand the damage the artillery fire had caused to the facility, stating that “the artillery fire impacted safety-related structures, systems, and components, causing significant safety impacts, loss of life, and personal injury.” “We were concerned that it might have happened,” the report said.

The power plant and surrounding areas, including the town of Enerhoder, have endured continuous shelling, raising the threat of a nuclear accident through the interruption of the power supply to the power plant. Both sides have accused the other of acts of nuclear terrorism.

On Monday, a Ukrainian official said Russian artillery fire was to blame. Last Reactor Operated President Zelensky later accused Russia of intentionally aggravating the situation around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

The Ukrainian president said last week that the demilitarization of the power plant was “the goal of the efforts of Ukraine and the international community.”

The IAEA team also witnessed shelling during the visit and called on both sides to cease hostilities in the area, the IAEA report said.

“While the ongoing shelling has not yet caused a nuclear emergency, it continues to represent a constant threat to nuclear safety and security, and could affect critical safety functions, resulting in safety critical could lead to sexual radiation effects,” the report concludes.

Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant: History, Control and Major Developments

The IAEA will take appropriate measures at and around the site to avoid further damage to the plant and related facilities, ensure the safety of operating staff, and maintain physical integrity to support safe and reliable operations. It is recommended that the artillery fire be stopped immediately. Added.

In addition to the danger of ongoing fighting around the facilities, officials said staff at Zaporizhia and other Ukrainian nuclear power plants had “sustainability to keep the sites running in a safe and secure manner in the midst of the conflict.” They continue to demonstrate strength and resilience, and the IAEA salutes them.”

The IAEA went on to say that the situation in Ukraine was “unprecedented” and that “a nuclear accident could have serious consequences both within and across borders.”

“The current situation is unacceptable and the best course of action to ensure the safety and security of Ukraine’s nuclear facilities and its people is to end this armed conflict now,” the report said.


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