What Is The Role Of MEP?

Role Of MEP

MEP engineer is a skilled designation responsible for planning and design in the field of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing practice, including setting policies standards, inspection procedures, and evaluation tools for MEP concerns along with preparing, and reviewing drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for the MEP.

MEP Engineer Roles and Duties:

MEP services in buildings are the responsibility of the MEP engineer, the engineer is responsible for all aspects of the project relating to building services.

The MEP engineer job description involves the management of the MEP engineering team to make sure that day-to-day duties are performed professionally and quickly to aid the project’s progress.

MEP consulting services are the decisive prerequisites for construction-related projects. These services make a huge difference in the value of the project. MEP consultants offer better services than individual advisors.

MEP needs are the essential requirements of current construction projects. Hiring a skilled MEP advisor can make a big difference in meeting the expected value of a project. The services of an MEP advisor must meet the following standards.

Primary responsibilities of an MEP Engineer:

MEP engineer skills allow them to perform the following roles.

  • HVAC Expert
  • Electrical Power and Lighting
  • Fire Alarm Expertise
  • Energy management
  • Plumbing

MEP general roles and duties of MEP engineer:

Some of the MEP design engineer responsibilities are following

  • The MEP engineer has to examine methods and specifications in accordance with the plan
  • The MEP engineer has to manage to supervise the work of subordinate staff contact architects
  • The MEP engineer has to design plans, details, specifications, and cost estimates for plumbing, heating, ventilating, and general piping system.
  • The MEP engineer has to deliver technical guidance to the staff designer, supervisor, inspector, and contracting service provider regarding the installation and maintenance of the MEP system.
  • The MEP engineer has to detect problems in the design, planning, management, and delivering a number of projects.
  • The MEP engineer has to design and give effective oral presentations whenever needed.
  • Guide the project director on any technological elements of the mechanical services that may concern construction progress.
  • Perpetually review the contractor’s construction schedule during the progress of the site works about MEP services and convey to the Project Director.  
  • Supervise the day-to-day work of the MEP team
  • Guide on all issues regarding LEED and ensure that the proper documentation and information are provided to the concerned authorities to receive the LEED standard required on the project.
  • Participate in risk workshops and report any risks concerned with MEP installations or general projects to the Project Director.
  • Examine the Contractor’s installation process statements.
  • Review the contractor’s mechanical shop drawing in coexistence with the structural and electrical engineers to provide engineering coordination and inform the Project Director consequently.
  • Where needed, make technical clarifications to the tendered structure to fit specific on-site construction and coordination problems.
  • Examine the Contractor’s mechanical services material suggestions against specified technical execution requirements and notify the Project Director of the suitability of the suggestions.
  • The MEP engineer has to monitor and promote health and safety on the site. Safety should be prioritized before anything else. If needed, the construction work should be stopped immediately if unsafe practices are being followed
  • Maintain a list of mechanical service flaws for the contractor’s corrective action.
  • Examine and remark on the contractor’s operation and maintenance manuals

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MEP Engineer Qualifications:

Following are the requirements for becoming an MEP Engineer to carry out different duties

  • Mechanical or Electrical degree in Engineering
  • Working knowledge of plans, prints, specifications, and schematics concerned with trade
  • Five years of construction experience
  • Computer literacy
  • Good communication and organizational skills

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