Over 100 Cuban migrants arrested over weekend in waters off South Florida

On Monday, Border Patrol agents detained 15 migrants, 13 men and two women, after they landed at Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade. said in a tweet.
On Saturday, two groups of Cubans totaling 42 landed in Dry Tortugas and Islamorada. he addedAnd on Friday, 45 Cuban migrants on a fishing boat were detained after landing on the Marquesa Skies, a group of uninhabited islands west of Key West. he said in another tweet.
Concerns are growing in Cuba as a surge in migrants fleeing the island nation amid fears and discontent.Last July, Cubans were frustrated by shortages of food, medicine and a creaking power grid. carried out the largest anti-government protests Since the 1959 revolution.
Last year, U.S. Coast Guard crews detained 5,154 Cubans, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. dataThis is the most since authorities reported 5,396 interceptions in 2016 and the highest number of interceptions of Cuban immigrants since the 1990s.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has deployed additional border agents in the Miami sector amid an increase in migrant arrivals, CBP officials said.

“This year alone, we know at least 61 migrants have died at sea. That’s too many, more than we’ve seen in decades,” said U.S. Coast Guard Maj. Gen. Brendan McPherson. said. CNN Affiliates WPLG“We are very concerned about that.”

The number of Cuban migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has also increased.

Since October 2021, 175,674 Cubans have encountered U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Southwest border, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. CBP encounter dataThis represents a significant increase compared to 38,674 Cubans last year and just 13,410 Cubans in 2020, data show.

McPherson said he doesn’t currently consider the increase a “crisis”, but as a result, authorities are increasing patrols by land, sea and air.

CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez contributed to this report.

Source: www.cnn.com

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