Liz Truss sworn in as UK Prime Minister and vows to get started

Truss, 47, took the lead in the Conservative leadership race to replace Johnson, who announced his resignation in July. Her appointment fills a months-long leadership vacuum that Britain has endured as its worst economic crisis in decades worsened.

Faced with a deepening cost of living crisis, crumbling health services and an endless wave of labor strikes, Truss has a long to-do list.

The most pressing issues that trusses must address are energy surgeThat could lead to a wave of business closures, forcing millions of Britons to choose between putting food on the table or heating their homes this winter. Experts warn that without urgent action, people will fall into poverty and deaths in cold climates will rise.

The Bank of England predicts UK inflation will jump to 13% as the energy crisis intensifies, pushing the economy into recession by the end of the year. Goldman Sachs has warned that inflation could even reach 22% if natural gas prices “remain elevated at current levels.”

ā€œI will implement a bold plan for tax cuts and economic growth. I will deliver on the energy crisis. We will deal with the issues,ā€ he said. Provides the National Health Service. ā€

Truss broke the norm and officially became prime minister on Tuesday after visiting Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle, Scotland’s royal residence.

Traditionally, the Queen invites the new Prime Minister to form a government during an audience at Buckingham Palace in London. But for the first time in her 70-year reignthe monarch chose not to travel to the British capital as a precautionary measure due to mobility problems.

The meeting between Truss and the monarch took place shortly after Johnson officially resigned as Prime Minister after meeting with the Queen.

In a farewell speech outside Downing Street early Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Johnson touted his achievements, made no mention of his failures, and pledged to support the new government in the Truss.

“Like Cincinnatus, I will return to the plow and offer this government only my fervent support,” legend says, referring to a Roman politician who devoted himself to the Republic in times of crisis. “The time has come for all of us to stand by Liz Truss, her team, and her program.”

After returning to London, Truss is scheduled to be picked up by a new staff member at Downing Street. He then asked them to sign Britain’s famous letter of last resort (instructions to military leaders on what to do if their government were toppled or was involved in a nuclear attack) before they began appointing a cabinet. be done.

Truss is also expected to outline her plans for addressing the UK’s impending cost of living crisis as soon as possible. If you don’t outline your policy, they will consider it unacceptable.

Truss will then face opposition Labor leader Kiel Starmer in the first prime ministerial question in the House of Commons on Wednesday afternoon, which her team sees as a key moment in setting the tone for her leadership. right.

Particular attention will be paid to how much Truss deviates from Johnson’s legislative agenda, especially since she was seen as a candidate to continue Johnson in the leadership race.


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