Jason Momoa shaves his hair for a reason

‘Dunes’ actor Posted the video to his verified Instagram account on Monday In it, he is shown shaving off his long head of hair.

“Oh, I never even felt the wind up there,” he said, touching the side of his head.

Momoa also showed off her cut braids and explained that she cut her hair to raise awareness about single-use plastic.

“I’m tired of using plastic bottles. Stop it,” he says in the video. “Plastic forks all enter our land and enter our oceans. I’m here in Hawaii right now and just watching things in our oceans makes me so sad.”

He also pleaded with his followers to help eliminate single-use plastic, saying that “plastic bottles are ridiculous.”

His video caption reads, “Let’s spread aloha for new beginnings.” “Let’s better protect our land and oceans. We need to eliminate single-use plastic from our lives and our oceans. Everything from plastic bottles, plastic bags, packaging, utensils.”

Source: www.cnn.com

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