how about an apple?Stocks can get the iPhone 14 pop

but, New iPhone to be unveiled on WednesdayWill the strong holiday sale sales and expectations for all the subscription revenue that comes with it be enough to turn Apple’s stock from red to green?
apple (AAPL) had recent momentum. The stock is up more than 7% in the last three months. It’s also worth noting that Apple’s performance isn’t as bad as the overall market or other FAANG stocks. Investors can take comfort in Apple’s steady earnings growth and strong balance sheet, even in these turbulent times.
of S&P 500For example, while down nearly 18% this year, Facebook owners meta platform, Amazon (AMZN), netflix (NFLX) and Google Parent alphabet (Google) It was particularly hard hit. Amazon and Alphabet are each down nearly 25% in 2022, while Meta and Netflix are both down more than 50%.

Analysts expect earnings per share to grow about 9% this fiscal year and about 6% in 2023. The tech giant is expected to generate $392.5 billion in revenue this year, making Apple the world’s most valuable company with a market cap of $2.5 trillion.

Here are the factors driving up the price of the latest iPhones:

The company makes a ton of money from its new line of iPhones as existing customers upgrade and some holdouts switch from Android devices. Apple also makes a ton of money from its lucrative services sector, iCloud subscriptions, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and other perks for his iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

ACM Funds Chief Investment Officer Jordan Kahn said: Kahn owns Apple with his ACM Dynamic Opportunity Fund.

One analyst said more iPhone user More than usual, we will try to get new devices following this launch. That’s because many customers seem to be sticking with their iPhones for a long time before getting an upgrade. (This writer stubbornly sticks to his old iPhone 8 Plus, partly because he’s afraid of losing his home button.)

Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives pointed out in a report that Apple’s first 90 million iPhone 14 orders were roughly flat compared to iPhone 13 orders. So it’s clear that Apple expects its devices to sell even as consumer spending slows in general.

“This tells the story of the potential demand Apple anticipates for its next iPhone release. People haven’t upgraded their iPhones in over 3.5 years,” Ives added.

Apple also benefits from the fact that it’s a stock that’s loved not only by retail investors, but by Wall Street giants as well.

As of the end of the second quarter, Apple was named among the top mega-cap tech companies, including Amazon, by both mutual and hedge funds, according to a survey of market strategists at Goldman Sachs. NVIDIA (NVDA) When Tesla (TSLA).

Apple is that rare beast and still exciting enough for a growth stock, but thanks to reasonable pricing, a propensity to buy back shares to boost earnings, and a steadily growing dividend, it’s a worthwhile investment. It is also attractive to investors.


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