Fierce Battle Between Trump and Biden Redefines Midterm Elections

The campaign, which was expected to fuel Biden’s unpopularity and high inflation, came as the conservative Trump-controlled Supreme Court overturned a woman’s constitutional right to abortion. And I was already upset. Now the former president has turned the midterm elections into a venue to prove false claims that the 2020 election was stolen and the repercussions of his FBI search for his resort in Florida. It has returned to center stage through hard work.

As history suggests, the Democrats, as the party of the first president, will struggle in the midterm elections.

But Trump is once again dashing hopes, turning what was shaped as a referendum on Biden and the economy into a politics fueled by his own discontent.

And not just suggesting a reenactment of a bitter duel from two years ago, the two men could be proposing a preview of the terrifying 2024 presidential election.

Most one-term presidents quickly disappear. But even the shame of inciting riots could not end Trump’s political career.

It’s a sign of his admirable grip on the grassroots of his party, his power of deceit about the last election, and the Republican Party’s acceptance of his populism that threatens democracy, and that he’ll likely be elected by 2022. But it is perhaps the most acerbic political force.

Republican leaders wanted to keep the focus on Biden, with the cost of living at its highest level in 40 years, fears of rising crime and the perception that the country was headed in the wrong direction. But Trump’s actions are a reminder of the unchained act that hurt House Republicans in 2018 and then helped Democrats to overturn the Senate. Fellow election naysayers and endorsements of untested candidates for major Senate elections threaten to squander what was supposed to be an easier path to a majority.

Trump’s complications came in full force over Labor Day weekend, the end of summer vacation, which traditionally marks the sprint until the votes are cast. Appeared and seized on Monday Favorable Judgment in Court He is associated with hoarding classified information in Florida and issuing a constitutionally impossible demand on his Truth Social platform to overturn the 2020 election results.

“The FBI and DOJ have become vicious monsters, controlled by radical left-wing thugs, lawyers and the media who dictate what to do and when to do it,” Trump enraged at a rally in Wilkes Barre. .I visited a few days ago. Trump’s fiery rhetoric over the search had previously led to a series of violent threats against FBI officials.

Trump’s comments on Saturday led one of the top members of the House committee, which was conducting a Jan. 6, 2021 investigation, to believe the former president’s rhetoric could spark violence similar to the riots in the U.S. Capitol. is now warned if there is a

Democrat asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday whether Trump was guilty of sedition Congressman Zoe Lofgren Said: “Yes, potentially.”

“By the time January 6th, extravagant allegations intended to incite public opinion have been made and that is what is happening here. Democrats and Republicans were elected and this is not proper behavior,” added the California Democrat.

Her comments are important as the task force, which paints a dire picture of Trump’s actions leading up to the riots, is shaping the interim situation in which at least one televised hearing is scheduled in the coming weeks. It was a reminder that it could be an element..

Trump quickly politicized Florida judge’s verdict an independent third party known as “Special Master” It should be appointed to screen a large number of documents, including some containing the most sensitive designations used by intelligence agencies, on matters of legal and administrative privilege.

By acknowledging most of what Trump wanted in a ruling that effectively delayed the Justice Department investigation, Trump-appointed Judge Eileen Cannon offered Trump a political opportunity with her ruling. As a former president of the United States, she said, “the stigma associated with subject seizures is in a league of its own.”

The statement implied that, contrary to the Justice Department’s pledge, the former president was entitled to above the law and special treatment out of reach of other Americans. While it may not change much, the investigation directly affected the former president’s claim to prove he was a victim of political persecution.

But Trump’s dominance on the Republican scene over the weekend, his threats to the FBI, and his declaration that the current president is an ‘enemy of the state’ prove that Biden is going to leave 2022 all to Trump. There were also fears. The president said at events Monday in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — two states that could decide the fate of the Senate — that Trump supported anti-democratic extremism. It reinforced his new message that

Biden said at Milwaukee Laborfest in Wisconsin, “Extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress have chosen to step back, full of anger, violence, hate, and division. But together, we move forward.” We can and must choose another path,” he said.

Trump wins ruling in Mar-a-Lago case

Monday’s ruling was the first major legal victory for the former president’s team after a period of struggling to match inflammatory political responses with coherent courtroom strategy.

The move means the Justice Department will temporarily ban documents obtained from Mar-a-Lago after last month’s raid from being used in investigations and possibly grand jury appearances. However, the judge said the intelligence agency would not be able to assess the potential damage to sources and methods caused by the former president storing such highly sensitive materials in precarious conditions, including in his office. You have authorized the use of the materials by the institution.

The DOJ and Trump have until Friday to seek agreement on who should serve as the Special Master.

The judge’s allegation that Trump, as a former president, risks being stigmatized by being searched has baffled many legal experts and has prevented searches conducted under court-approved warrants. It also played directly into Trump’s belief that he would not be held criminally accountable as president and thereafter, the campaign message he spelled out on Saturday night. He told the crowd that the FBI and the media were “trying to shut me up, and more importantly, they’re trying to shut you up,” adding that he was personally persecuted. extended his sense of tactics throughout his movement, a tactic familiar to influential leaders.

And by raising the question of whether some documents are subject to presidential prerogative, Cannon may be hoping Trump uses it to delay a Justice Department investigation by months. It could open up new avenues for litigation. However, she noted that given the paucity of lawsuits on the matter, the issue remains open.

The question of whether Trump has endangered U.S. national security with his careless handling of national security documents may go far beyond such issues anyway.

The fact that Cannon was appointed by Trump has sparked claims among liberals on social media that she dutifully carried out the former president’s bid. Argued more fluently than when asking the master. And she provided him with several politically available opportunities. But it’s not strange to see a special master appointed in such cases — even if Trump’s team adds suspicion, it’s been two years since the FBI got the material from Mar-a-Lago. Until a week later, it was seeking delay tactics by not asking for it. Even if deliberately sowing the seeds of suspicion was a hallmark of his presidency. Even the concept of accountability and a functioning legal system becomes impossible if it is attributed as a service to

Still, two legal experts said CNN Cannon’s ruling was legally dubious.

Former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rogers told CNN’s John King, “There has never been a case where irreparable damage has been shown to be under criminal investigation.” Renato Mariotti, former federal prosecutor Officials said on CNN Newsroom that the ruling was “extremely unsupported by case law” and called it “a pretty big turn to the defense.”

Why Biden’s Decision to Target Trump Directly Works

While Trump is looking to add the latest twist in his long struggle with the rule of law, Biden has sought to capitalize on unexpected momentum in the midterm election campaign, leading to a Republican red wave threatening him in November. challenged predictions that it would overwhelm the party of .

The president underscored his claim that Trump represents a dangerous creed of extremism that threatens American democracy. This is perhaps an indication that he went a little too far last month when he claimed that his philosophy was something of a “half-fascism.”

The president also unveiled a new broad campaign message on Monday. He aims to highlight legislative successes such as bipartisan infrastructure plans, legislation to help the U.S. semiconductor industry confront China, and his new healthcare and climate bills as job creation engines. Revitalize the blue-collar areas that Trump has run so strong. He yelled at the legislative victory over the National Rifle Association and “Big Pharma,” and populist dominance in a campaign that seeks to capitalize on the majority public concern over the Supreme Court ruling that overturned federal abortion rights. Added.

After months of fear of a red wave, there’s reason for Democrats to be more optimistic about the midterm elections. That may not be enough to stick with Maison, but it’s a better situation than most of this year. His approval ratings were higher than Trump’s in the polls, according to the survey results. But adding to the chaotic situation, when voters were asked which party they believed they could trust to handle the economy, crime, foreign policy and keep inflation in check, the Republicans still had the upper hand.

All of this suggests that November’s midterm elections will be more interesting than we thought a few weeks ago, but with Trump and Biden clashing once again, we’re wondering if America is back in 2020 or not. It can be difficult to tell if you’re suddenly in the 2024 election race. .


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