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Brewery comes up with saving solutions amid CO2 shortage

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WSMV) – Many people celebrate Labor Day with an ice-cold beer, but the recent nationwide beer shortage threatens a key part of the brewing and pouring process.

A supply chain problem is limiting access to the CO2 used in nearly all carbonated beverages. Shortages have made it difficult to obtain vital gas and have increased the price of available tanks.

Local breweries like Tailgate Brewing Company are finding ways to avoid CO2 shortages and production shutdowns.

Owner Wes Keegan says he works with suppliers to fill up gas tanks when they’re low rather than waiting for them to be completely refilled when they’re empty. said. This is the latest supply chain problem after shortages of hops and other ingredients during the pandemic.

“All prices are going up,” Keegan said. “This one is no exception, so it could be more expensive or even harder to come by.”

“The second these headlines started coming up,[the local supplier]contacted us and said, ‘Hey, this is where we are. , be proactive rather than reactive.”

Keegan says CO2 is used to preserve beer by keeping carbon dioxide and beer away from oxygen. All breweries and restaurants rely on gas every day to make beer and pour it from kegs into glasses.

“Without CO2, you’d have a flat beer,” Keegan said. “We like to talk about water, hops, yeast, grains, these kinds of ingredients. was not thinking.”

He hopes that all tailgate breweries and taprooms will continue to have the supplies they need to brew and package their beers, but other small businesses that may not be in the same position as their suppliers. He said breweries new to the scale could be in big trouble due to shortages.


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