Best Apps for better efficiency of virtual offices in Atlanta

virtual office in Atlanta

The virtual office is ideal for businesses and telecommuters who value freedom without traditional workplace benefits. The ongoing costs of running a virtual office are significantly lower than those of a traditional location. Furthermore, it facilitates the relocation of existing businesses.

Working from home is a popular trend in the workplace today. Of course, managing this change is not easy. Some requirements and regulations exist for setting up a virtual office in Atlanta. With so many options, selecting the best virtual office tool for your team should be simple.

Thanks to several background applications, they can collaborate as if they were in the same room. Most of the time, all you need to use one of these platforms is a device that meets the platform’s requirements and internet access.

Nexus 1201 have explained a few of these resources in this article to help you make a smooth transition.

Best Apps for better efficiency of virtual offices in Atlanta

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s foray into virtual collaboration is one of the most comprehensive, owing to its comprehensive suite of capabilities for the modern office. Microsoft Teams is a modern office collaboration platform with features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and integration with various other useful software. Because of its shared workspace with other Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and OneNote is especially useful for businesses that already use such tools. There are several price points to choose from. Microsoft Teams will replace Skype for Business, owned and operated by Microsoft, by the middle of 2021.


Slack is a real-time communication platform for businesses and  virtual offices in Atlanta, GA, employees, and customers, with the slogan “Be less busy.” Unlike other virtual collaboration platforms, this one automatically sorts comments into project channels, which can then be searched.

Users can have real-time conversations, and a new voice function has been added to allow team members to make audio recordings specific to each project. Slack offers tiered pricing based on the scope of your project, but if you’re still not convinced, consider this:

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NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has adopted it. Slack is used by teams such as those in charge of landing a robot on Mars. You can entrust it with any task on the planet.


Yammer is similar to an internal social networking platform for your company. Your Yammer network, used by 80% of the Fortune 500’s top companies, will provide real-time communication and file sharing to employees with a valid company email address or an approved IP address. Yammer was once a small company that debuted in 2008; Microsoft has now acquired it, making it their property and easy to connect with Office platforms.


The Zoom video and audio conferencing platform is one of the best available, propelling the company to the forefront of business video communications. The solution offers a centralized platform for online meetings, group chats, and effective business teamwork. High definition (HD) video and audio are supported (even in low-bandwidth contexts), and the base model can accommodate up to 100 video conference participants. The product is compatible with traditional meeting room rentals, suites in Atlanta, and “Zoom rooms,” as well as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. Price distinctions between “Basic” and “Business.”


Jira is an excellent choice for teams working on a technically complex or software-based product and those looking for a comprehensive project management system. This resource is extremely useful for project planning, problem resolution, and tracking software defects. Many useful add-ons are available to expand the product’s functionality, and Jira comes in various variants designed for specific purposes (prices also vary). “Jira” is derived from the Japanese word “Gojira,” which is pronounced similarly to “Godzilla” in English.


ProofHub is a low-cost, straightforward alternative to other online project management tools that provides all-in-one services for team collaboration. Since2011, ProofHub has provided project management services to some of the world’s largest corporations.

One of the primary benefits of using ProofHub is saving money. Two low-cost “basic pricing” tiers are available, with no per-user fees. ProofHub provides all the tools its members need to collaborate effectively, from time tracking and Gantt charts to task management and group chat to document approval and pre-made project templates.

It is less expensive to undertake project management using online software than to do frequent face-to-face meetings. When it comes to hiring virtual employees, lowering the cost and wasted time connected with employee travel and the costs associated with office space and supplies is a huge benefit.

Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) section below for more information.

What exactly is virtual coworking?

Virtual coworking spaces are online gathering places where individuals may collaborate with the main goal of increasing productivity.

Can I use a virtual office to do business on Google?

You may utilize a virtual office address to create a Google My Business page and improve your search engine presence.

How can you get started with a virtual coworking space?

To begin an online workplace, you will require an internet portal where users will work from virtual rooms.

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