Atlanta family shares why over-the-counter hearing aids make a difference

Atlanta, GA (CBS46) – Over-the-counter hearing aids for the hearing impaired will be available in mid-October.

The change is good news for millions, as the average price of a single hearing aid is around $2,000 and most people need one in each ear.

Atlanta teenager Charlize Maldonado lost her hearing as a baby and used hearing aids before getting a cochlear implant.

“Without them, I would have just read their lips,” she said.

Thanks to Aid, the 13-year-old learned to play volleyball.

“One of the most important things in volleyball is communication,” she said.

According to the FDA, these devices can be purchased without a medical checkup or prescription.

Charlize’s mother, Yvette Maldonado, told CBS46 that this is a necessary and beneficial change.

“They are expensive and many policies cover them, but some policies cover just one,” she said. It’s a must and great news for everyone.”


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