4 Good Reasons to Have a Roofing Contractor Roof Your Home in the Winter


If you live in an area with harsh winters, such as Massachusetts, you may wonder why you should replace your roof in the winter. It’s not as rare as you might think. Most roofing contractors offer year-round service, even in cold, snowy areas like my hometown of Massachusetts. Roofing contractors in Massachusetts during the winter are just like any other time of year, with a few exceptions. First, let’s talk about why roofing is difficult this time of year and why you might be resisting installing a new roof now.

The bottom is too cold to change.

This argument is baseless. It might be cold now, but who cares? I don’t care about your roof. Roofing workers are no problem. Don’t worry about posting people. If the cold weather bothers them, they will work indoors unless your new roof is a priority. See the black tent roof in midsummer. Enjoy and let me know. If it’s 90 degrees on Earth in the summer, it’s like 110 degrees on the surface (and sometimes like that).

Now there is too much snow to replace the roof.

So God made a snow shovel. Snow falling from the roof is no big deal. Snow removal usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, but most roofing contractors will not charge extra for roof replacement, not just snow (many flat roofing services the company offers). Northeast of the country). Do employees have to be careful not to fall while doing this? However, every precaution should be taken while providing roofs to employees’ houses. This is not new. These guys are professionals, safety should always come first, and a responsible roofing company will always come first.

Well, I’ve given you two reasons why many people think you shouldn’t build a roof in the winter, and it’s not a good idea. Here are four reasons why you should consider replacing your roof this year.

1.) Ice dams that cause flooding.

Winter in Massachusetts is different for homes and roofs than any other time of year. The most common cause of roof leaks in winter is the dreaded ice dam. Ice dams form on the underside of houses where snow melts, runs off the roof, and cools on the edge of the roof. Here in Massachusetts and other cold climates, asphalt roofing contractors use a product called a “water and ice barrier” to prevent ice dams from damaging homes and causing water leaks. To avoid this technique, when done properly, keep at least 3 feet of extra space from all roof edges. Many older roofs do not have a “water and snow barrier” installed. If your roof is leaking due to an ice dam, now is the best time to properly repair your roof and prevent the ice dam from damaging you and your home.

2.) Winter conditions usually increase roof deterioration.

If your roof is bad before winter, it will be in worse shape after spring. There are many factors that negatively affect the roof during the cold season. We talked about ice dams, but there are others. Fluctuations in temperature during the winter cause shingles roofing to expand and contract, causing older shingles to crack and crack. For example, the pressure causes some of these shingles to crack. Now you have a new roof leak. Also, when this hard wet snow freezes, it can cause more damage to old shingles, and old roofs don’t suffer from snow and freezing in the winter, old roofs don’t like cold winters, they thrive.

3.) Prompt service when installing a new roof.

It’s a simple fact that roofing contractors and roofing contractors in Massachusetts aren’t busy during the winter months. For homeowners in need of a new roof, this means the roofer of your choice can install the new roof within days or months of signing the contract. You can enjoy spring, summer and autumn. For most homeowners, this is reason enough to winterize the roof of their home.

4.) Take advantage of the late time of the year for bishops.

When it comes to expensive home improvement projects like roof replacement, who doesn’t want to save as much money as possible? , you can get better prices than in the warmer months. Most professional roofers offer the same warranties for winter roofs as they do at other times of the year. A material warranty is provided by the shingle manufacturer and remains the same regardless of the season the roof was installed. Roofing contractors want to keep their crews occupied and offer better prices so they don’t have to lay off employees during the winter holidays.


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