Top Cost-effective Giveaways for Trade Fairs

For many small businesses, advertising is way beyond their budget. But did you know other promotional methods could go with your limited budget?

You can still distinguish yourself from the crowd without spending a fortune. We are going to give you some ideas for corporate giveaways that can help you break away from the norm.

Below is a list of inexpensive, unique giveaways:

  • Stickers
  • Sunglasses
  • Power banks
  • Hats
  • Tote bags
  • Chocolate and candy
  • Stress balls
  • Luggage tags
  • Credit card protectors
  • Can coolers

Hand Shoppers Stylish Giveaways They Will Find Useful

Make a lasting impression on shoppers with wearable stuff that is appropriate for all occasions.


It could be a summer cap, a beanie, or a fleece hat. They never go out of style, and yet they are cost-effective!


Giving your customers sunglasses during the summer is a great way to gift them while promoting your business. Pick a color that complements your brand’s look. 

Display your Brand Logo All Over

Give your customers a pleasant travel experience with these handy travel supplies.

Luggage tags

Let your brand travel beyond the borders with customized luggage tags. They make it easier for your customer to identify their suitcase and prevent mixups.

Power banks

What experience is worse than a dead battery during travel? Save your customers the worry by gifting them with power banks. These useful devices make excellent corporate gifts for almost any occasion.

Credit card protectors

These smart RFID sleeves keep the user’s identity protected while traveling. They block RFID signals and protect sensitive information from unsanctioned scans and unwanted readers.

Make it Fun For Everyone

Showcase your brand’s individuality with fun, exciting goods that feature your logo.


These branded items are rarely forgotten. Customize them with your logo (and your colors, of course). A professional sticker is a versatile marketing tool that you can stick on your notebooks, packaging, containers, and other promotional material.

Stress balls

These entertaining and popular trade fair handouts are personalized stress relievers. Choose a form that corresponds to your brand value to make them more distinctive. Do you have a job in the sports industry? Choose the shape of a football and use stress-free advertising to get your brand recognized.

Can coolers

These will provide a pleasant touch to your marketing effort. It’s a terrific way to keep your brand visible while they enjoy their favorite iced beverage.

Give Away Some Sweet Treats.

Chocolates and candies are always great treats to lift your customers’ spirits on a dull afternoon. They not only delight customers but also give an energy boost, especially for those who have been walking around the entire morning and afternoon.

Customized sweets are unique promotional gifts to promote brand awareness and please your customers. This move is an inexpensive way of ensuring that their shopping experiences are not forgotten any time soon.  

Tote Bags

Giving your customers branded bags in which to carry their shopping is a great marketing technique. A tote bag is a fantastic alternative to plastic bags, and the customer will use it many more times.

This way, they’ll be flaunting your brand and increasing awareness. Fill the bags with pamphlets, flyers, and catalogs to increase brand exposure.

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