Saginaw Woman Hosts Fundraiser for Murder Victim’s Family

Saginaw, Michigan (WNEM) – Car washes and drives were held on Sunday to raise funds for the funeral of a 10-year-old Saginaw girl who was allegedly murdered by her 14-year-old brother-in-law.

Namira Turner Moore was found murdered on August 30.

“Saginaw County is always standing up to help others,” said Kim Rowan, the organizer of the drive. “I think we need to help other people. When I see something, I feel like I can do it, so I step up and do it. That’s what we all should do.” is.”

The tragedy weighed heavily on the minds of strangers in town.

“Everything I collect is taken to the funeral home and put into their accounts,” Rowan said. “We need to help them say goodbye to their children.” Yes, this child deserves to help her family do what they want to do, get treatment and say goodbye to her.”

As of Sunday night, the event has raised around $1700.

During the fundraiser, they collected cans and bottles as well as monetary donations and hosted a car wash to raise money for Namira’s family, calling it a labor of love.

“When you see something, you can get up and do it to help others. You can’t expect others to do it, so if you can, get up and do it.” said Rowan.


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