Liz Truss vs. Rishi Sunak: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s successor announced today

A lot of things I don’t enjoy. The most pressing issue is the cost of living crisis. Energy prices have skyrocketed by thousands of pounds, food costs have skyrocketed and real wages have fallen. Small businesses, particularly the hospitality industry, that have been rescued by governments in the pandemic are facing closures due to rising prices.

Neither candidate has fully answered how they plan to address these issues, and the public is increasingly outraged about it.

In addition to this economic crisis, there are also many problems that can be loosely described as Boris Johnson’s legacy problems.

Johnson has been one of Ukraine’s most vocal and trusted allies since Russia’s invasion in February.

The new leader must decide whether to follow Johnson’s all-in approach as the West considers how to deal with the next phase of the war. firm position.

Then there is Brexit, which, contrary to popular belief, has not been done with certainty. The situation in Northern Ireland remains precarious and relations between the UK and the European Union are very poor.

The new prime minister must decide whether to remain tough on all Brexit issues and jeopardize the outcome, or take a more flexible policy that angers the Brexit support base and jeopardizes the outcome. .

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