Girls-only Muslim STEM school opens in Germantown

Philadelphia (CBS) – The first all-girls private Muslim school opens in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. 30 girls will be the first students of her Khadijah Bint Khuwalid Islamic STEM Academy for Girls.

A couple who worked in the Philadelphia school district said they decided to open the school because they felt there weren’t many schools that upheld Islamic traditions and discipline.

At the new school, the girls take foundation classes with an emphasis on math and science. They also learn about their culture and Islamic religion.

“Some girls were stripped of their overgarments, attacked and abused. Teachers do not always know when to pray. The Islamic holiday is Ramadan. Create a lesson during the month that will make it easier for them to not only learn but also to fast,” said CEO and Superintendent Haji Abdulrahman.

“That way you have a place where there are people like you, people like you, teachers like you, and classmates like you,” says assistant superintendent Marquita Hammock. Told.

Many school supplies were donated.

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