Federal monitors examine arsenic in tap water at the NYCHA facility in Manhattan

New York — A federal investigation is underway after thousands of people on the Lower East Side were informed. Do not drink or cook with tap water for several days.

Because high levels of arsenic were detected. NYCHACBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported on Sunday night about the Jacob Riis Houses, which span about six blocks.

A source told her the situation was being taken “very seriously”.

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Residents have spent the holiday weekend picking up cases of distributed water. Some told Rosner they reported water changes earlier this summer, but no one took them seriously.

On Sunday night, tenant Migdaria Gonzalez showed Rosner that the water was running clean from the faucets at the Jacob Reese House. That was after the city instructed residents to run the water for three hours.

As Mayor Eric Adams Bart Schwartz, NYCHA’s federally-imposed watchdog monitor, urged NYCHA officials to “ensure the integrity of the investigation” and “preserve all documents related to this matter” for the safety of residents. Informed .. including electronic and paper communications, test results, and timelines.

A NYCHA spokesperson told Rosner, “NYCHA already has all documents and records, and we will continue to be transparent with the public through this process.”

Tenants say they have been filing 311 complaints for weeks.

“The water has been brown all week, as they say,” said Huaco Abreu.

Another person shared with CBS2 a video shot last month of what appears to be mist of water coming out of a faucet.

The mayor’s office says there’s no evidence that haze is linked to arsenic levels, but the NYCHA began testing water last month.

A spokesperson said results this week showed “arsenic levels higher than federal standards for drinking water.”

Since 2001, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency has considered 10 ppb as the safe limit for arsenic levels. According to the city, tests at the Jacob Riis unit detected arsenic levels of 12 to 14 ppb.

“I haven’t showered in three days. I use wipes,” Abreu said. Because you can feel it.

“I commend the NYCHA and health officials for acting in this case. The results show there may be dangerous levels of arsenic. In fact, one test level fell below the EPA threshold.” but they acted with due care.” Mayor of Manhattan Mark Levine Said.

“My biggest concern is that it took several weeks from the first report to when they started testing again. I think it was around August 12th, August 13th. , how long it took for those results to come back.. I think it was almost two weeks,” said Public Advocate. Juman Williams Said.

Results are expected to be returned on Monday for the latest sample round to determine next steps.

The city says the issue only affects residents of Jacob Leith House and that the rest of the city’s water is safe to drink.

Source: www.cbsnews.com

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