Tiffany Smiley: Washington’s GOP senator candidate says he supports state law guaranteeing abortion until fetus is viable

“I do,” Tiffany Smiley said during CNN’s State of the Union address when asked if she supported it. Measures Passed by Her State in 1991 It declared a woman’s right to have an abortion before the fetus was considered viable. .”
Smiley has spoken out against longtime Democratic Senator Patti Murray, and has previously touted her “pro-life” views while advocating against federal abortion bans. her comment is Other Republicans Trying to Deflect Attacks On important social issues that could cost you votes in November.
After the US Supreme Court Decided in June The removal of the constitutional right to abortion has overturned nearly 50 years of precedent.

Some Republican candidates have tried to sidestep the issue, focusing instead on appealing to Americans reeling from rising consumer costs and crime. The Republican candidates who do have gone the other way, trying to reduce issues that could be a powerful motivator for Democrats.

Washington’s law Provide an exception when the procedure protects the patient’s life or health. And in March, the state legislature amended the wording of the law to ensure that people are guaranteed access to reproductive rights, including abortion, regardless of gender identity, and that the law applies to transgender and nonbinary people. made it possible to

States also require state-regulated health plans, including college plans, to cover abortion services if they also cover pregnancy services.

“We look forward to helping women have access to healthcare and birth control during this time of crisis here in Washington,” Smiley told Bash.

of Advertisement published last month Smiley spoke about her abortion views and also took aim at Murray, a member of the Senate Democratic leadership seeking a sixth term this fall.

“Patti Murray spent millions of dollars to portray me as an extremist,” Smiley said in the ad.

“Patti Murray wants to scare you,” she added at the end of the spot. “I want to serve you.”

Democrats, on the other hand, are in power in Washington, DC and face a difficult medium-term environment due to their low approval ratings. President Joe BidenMurray is a favorite in her race in states that last voted Republican in the Senate in 1994. Murray and Smiley advanced to last month’s general election. Finish in top 2 in the state’s open primaries.

Since being elected to the Senate in 1992, Murray has won re-election comfortably, except during the Republican “red wave” in 2010. Murray also has a strong fundraising advantage over Smiley in this cycle, with her campaign reporting $6.7 million in funding as of July 13, while Smiley’s is $2.3 million.

In a separate interview with State of the Union on Sunday, Murray didn’t directly answer a question from Bash about whether he supported abortion restrictions, instead saying, “I don’t think politicians should make these decisions for women.” I don’t think it should go down. That’s what I stand for.”

Alex Rogers and Elizabeth Wolfe of CNN contributed to this report.


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