Pope declares abuse in church ‘zero tolerance’, says it’s his responsibility to end it

In a wide-ranging exclusive interview in Rome last month, the Pope said the church has “zero tolerance” to abuse, and that “a priest who is an abuser cannot remain a priest.”

The church’s response to sex abuse scandals has become one of the defining themes of Francis’ time as pope, with the pope telling CNN Portugal that every case of abuse within the church “hurts” him. Told.

After Francis became the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics in 2013, multiple reports detailed decades of sexual abuse, systematic failures and cover-ups in several countries. Announced. defended the bishop of Chile Accused of covering up the 2018 sex scandal, he later described the decision as a “grave mistake.”
In 2019 he was retired Vatican secrecy rules Introduced new rules for the first time requiring all parishes to set up a system for reporting abuse and cover-ups for cases of sexual abuse.
Two years later he issued the most extensive revision It called for bishops to take action against clerics who oppose the law of the Catholic Church within 40 years and abuse minors and vulnerable adults. He demanded action against the priest who tried to

On the topic, Francis said he doesn’t believe singleness played a role in causing abuse.

“I don’t deny abuse, even if it was just once.” [case], it’s huge. Because you, the priest, you, the nun, must take that boy, that girl to God and destroy their lives with this. it is destroying life. And they ask you questions.will it be that single [is to blame]? It’s not a matter of abstinence.”

“This is one thing about abuse. It’s destructive, it’s humanly diabolical,” he said. So it is the monster of the church, male or female, who is psychologically sick or evil and who uses his position for personal gratification,” he added. .

Criticism of war comments

His Holiness also revealed that he was in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

He said he had met in the past with both Zelensky and his Russian Vladimir Putin when they visited him in Rome.

“I had dialogue with both [of them]Both visited here before the war. And I believe in dialogue we will always move forward,” the Pope said. animal. They are pure instinct. ”

Francis has been criticized for some of his comments about Russia’s war against Ukraine. He said he met with a “head of state” who was “very concerned about how NATO was working” before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Pope angered Kyiv last month by referring to Russian political commentator Darya DuginaThe daughter of an ultranationalist philosopher, she was one of the “innocent” victims of war after being killed in a car bomb outside Moscow.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned papal envoys to Ukraine to discuss Francis’ statement, saying it “unfairly” equates “aggressor and victim”.

The Pope, who has previously indicated his intention to travel to Kyiv and Moscow, told CNN Portugal that such visits are “up in the air”.

The Pope has never visited Moscow before. In 2001 Pope John Paul II visited Ukraine.

He said he was unable to travel at the moment due to knee problems, but said his presence in Ukraine was “strong”.

Source: www.cnn.com

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