Hired movers ghost Raleigh graduates and take away all their belongings

Raleigh, NC (WTVD) — Moving can be frustrating. But if you pay the movers and your stuff never arrives, it can lead to complete disaster.

This is what happened to her recently graduated from college when she moved back to Raleigh from school in St. Louis.

“We’ve already spent thousands of dollars getting her new furniture and clothes,” said her father, David Florence. Regardless, it hadn’t shown up for my daughter’s delivery yet, so I had to replace everything in the move.

It started when Florence said she went online Shiply.com Find a moving company. Shiply connects people with movers who want the job, rather than doing the move itself.

“I found a mover and he gave me a quote. He’s got four stars and they’re backing him up,” says Florence. explained.

The movers’ original quote was $616. But as soon as the movers arrived for the job, the price nearly doubled.

“I won’t leave until you pay me in full,” Florence said the movers told him over the phone.

The movers packed up Florence’s daughter and left for Raleigh. Florence thought so. A few days later, Florence received an email from the movers.

“[Movers]texted me, ‘Well, I’m having some issues. I guarantee you’ll be there on Tuesday night.'”

“Called in the morning and was told your number was disconnected. Tell Shiply they (they say) will send a text (to the carrier). His number appears to have been disconnected. “It works really well,” Florence said.

It’s been over 2 months now and I still haven’t heard anything from the movers. All his daughter’s belongings disappeared with the move.

“She had all her clothes stolen. She only had one pair of flip-flops, one pair of shoes, three shirts and one pair of shorts, so I had to buy them all new.”

Florence contacted police in Missouri, where the move began, and the police are investigating. According to the police report, officers found a movers truck. This truck has been rented and has already been returned, but the mover has not been contacted.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Shiply and said it only worked for Florence, but he said the company wasn’t helping.

Research is key when it comes to securing your move. Get the moving company, pickup date, delivery date, etc. all in writing and see if the moving price is guaranteed or if it could go up.

As for Florence’s daughter’s items, he says he knows they’ll probably never get them back. He paid his Shiply with a credit card and disputed the charge. Paying with credit always offers the best protection.

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