Halloween Tasks For Kids From Sweet To Spooky

viralnewsmagazine's Halloween tasks for Kids from Sweet to Spooky

With vaccinations being distributed and limitations being eased around the country, 2022 may be the first year since the epidemic began in which you may rally a whole bunch of neighborhood youngsters to celebrate Halloween tasks for kids from Sweet to Spooky. And why stop ringing doorbells for candy in your attempts to make this year’s festivity the most spectacular yet? Other ways to celebrate All Hallows Eve include traveling to pumpkin farms, apple picking, and, of course, visiting haunted homes. Also, if you want other kids to join the fun party or you want to share your fun experience with others, use these Halloween Flyer Templates.

There are lots to do at home for families who like to spend the day at home, including getting dressed up for a scary occasion. Make your own family costumes (hey, we love a good Instagram opportunity) or a ghost garland. If you prefer a more active night, consider Halloween charades, mummy racing, or creating your own Halloween-themed obstacle course with Halloween tasks for kids from sweet to spooky.

Halloween tasks for Kids

Place Some Painted Pumpkins.

Fill each orange balloon with a Halloween-themed surprise after purchasing a bag of orange balloons online (think candy or a silly trinket like a spider ring). Then, using construction paper, make green leaves to adhere to the location where you tied the balloon. Then it’s game time: all your kids have to do is trample the balloons to win. 

Your Race to Complete Your Candy Bags

Allow each child to select their favorite sweets to add in individual goody bags (Ziploc works wonderfully here), then race to see who can put together the most bags in the fastest amount of time. Suddenly, the work turns into a fun… you’re not up all night on the 30th putting together snacks for Jake’s class celebration the following morning.

Allow your children to create their own costumes.

There’s nothing wrong with a store-bought costume, but if you want to make it more of an occasion, challenge your family to pick one item at home and assemble a costume from there (perhaps supplementing with items bought at a store or crafted). Grab some blankets and transform yourself into a ghost—classic. Or go a little more imaginative by raiding the depths of your closet. (Some thoughts.) It’s a chance for everyone to get a little more creative while perhaps saving money.

Share Scary Stories

This project will make use of that one story your brother used to scare you with when you were little. You may even make one up on the spot, recall one from your youth, or retell one of these tried-and-true kid-friendly Halloween stories.

 Go to a Haunted House

Is Halloween complete without a visit to a haunted home or town? Get your adrenaline racing by visiting a location reputed to be inhabited by the undead (or, you know, neighbors in costumes).

Get Use of That Candy Corn

Candy corn isn’t everyone’s first choice, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it. You may completely customize your own version of ‘Minute to Win It.’ Here’s how you can participate: Each child will need a candy corn stack, a dish, and a set of chopsticks. A timer set to 60 seconds is required. The object of the game is to see who can transfer the most candy corn to the bowl while just using chopsticks.

Bingo with Candy Corn

Bingo, speaking of candy corn, is a crowd-pleaser for all ages. But here’s when things start to become Halloween-y: To begin, you’ll need a Bingo card with Halloween-themed things, such as this one from Studio DIY. Then, instead of regular chips, use candy corn as markers. (However, don’t be astonished if your children consume all of the game pieces.)

offer an old favorite a terrifying twist

This eerie special version of a family classic will delight your children. Simply cover your existing gaming boards with artificial cobwebs and use DIY spider-painted bean bags instead of the standard ones you toss.

“Build Your Own Halloween Scavenger Hunt”

Decorate the halls with eerie decorations, then send your children on a scavenger hunt to find all the on-theme objects they encounter. (You may also scout about the area as a family.) Raise the stakes by obtaining a free printable detailing what they should be looking for.

Have a good time with Halloween Musical Chairs.

You know the drill: gather the family and walk ’round and ’round a set of chairs in costume while playing the most spooky music you can find. When the music stops, it’s every child for himself as he searches for a seat. Every round, one chair is removed.

Make Your Own Mummy Bowling Set

All you need for this Halloween game is a set of plastic bowling pins (like this one) and a couple of rolls of toilet paper. Wrap the pins in TP, add googly eyes, and they’re ready to be mummified. Extra points? Wrap the bowling balls as well.

Create Your Own Mummies

More toilet paper will be required for this game. Divide into groups and choose one person to play the mummy. The remainder of the gang is then responsible for wrapping them with TP till they resemble a mummy. The gang that mummifies the most quickly wins!

Plan a Mummy Race

Continue the fun by (carefully) racing to a specified area following the mummification. The losing squad must consume candy corn!

Organize a glow-in-the-dark party.

What is the requirement for this Halloween event? As much as feasible glow-in-the-dark decor. Consider stars, balloons, glow sticks, and other items. Turn out the lights and enjoy the Spooktacular evening.

Treat Yourself While Donut Bobbing

String and donuts are required for this germ-free (and easily socially distance-able) Halloween activity. All that remains is to hang doughnuts from tree branches and let your children enjoy their hands-free.

Explore A Spider Web Maze…

You’ll need painter’s tape and a handful of those plastic spiders you can usually purchase at the dollar shop around Halloween. Then, using the tape, create a spider web. Make a “start” and “finish” line, then teach children to walk the web while staying within the lines. What’s the catch? They must not lose their balance while picking up the plastic spiders you’ve strewn about. 

The Spider Race

What about those dollar shop plastic spiders? You’ll like this Still Playing School lesson. Set up a start and finish line on the kitchen table with a pair of straws. What is the goal? To race by blowing straws through them. The child who crosses the finish line first with their eight-legged insect wins.

Make Your Own Candy Wreath

What is the greatest approach to persuade kids to come to your front door to trick or treat? Of course, it’s a candy wreath. Allow your children to assist you in building it by selecting the candy assortment that will be placed on the cardboard platform. A hot glue gun is needed.

With Squash Ring Toss, Think Outside the Box

You’ll need to travel to your local farmers’ market to get the squash, but once you have that, all you need are some plastic rings. Before you play, paint the squash with frightening faces for extra points.

Pick Your Own Apples

There’s a reason why this Halloween pastime is so popular. Choose what you can eat, then plan to reward yourself with warm cider (which is generally always offered on-site) after you’re through.

Perform ‘bob For Apples.

Perhaps you got carried away and gathered far too many apples. You’ve already eaten some and cooked as many pies as you possibly can. Make them the main attraction in a classic game of Bob for Apples before the rest go sour. Fill a wide-mouth bucket (or bowl) with enough water to allow the apples to float. Then, with their hands behind their backs, have the kids try to collect the apples using only their lips. Whoever collects the most apples in one minute wins.

Go On A Pumpkin Patch Adventure

It’s a lot of fun for the whole family, and you can make a night of it by carving them when you get home.

Make Pumpkin Washing a Family Activity

This should happen before you start carving, but here’s an idea: After you’ve selected your pumpkin, give your children a soapy pail of water and sponges. Then, let them do the hard task of cleaning their pumpkins. Kids adore a decent washing station, and it saves you a step before cutting them up.

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