Opinion: Republicans have great ideas.it’s time to start talking about them

Opinion: Republicans have great ideas.it’s time to start talking about them
polls and forecasts sharp To the Republican Party’s bang in the next midterm elections.But the Republican candidate couldn’t capitalize on that momentum, and party strategists I’m starting to sweat About the chances of a margin in the House and the chances of winning a majority in the Senate.

Candidates and incumbents don’t decide whether gas prices go up or down, but one key factor they can control is the agenda they present to voters: the broader priorities and the actual plans. Here Republicans seem determined to sabotage their chances by refusing to say anything.

Minority leader Mitch McConnell is in the Senate, according to Axios. reportedly His party adopted the view that the focus should only be on all the “awful” things Democrats are doing. responded“I’ll let you know when I get it back.”
In the House of Representatives, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican Research Commission Chairman Jim Banks made a great effort To create the proposal, however, two months before the election, McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” website Only say “I’ll be right back…”

Of course, criticizing the failures of the opposition is an important part of any campaign. A positive agenda, however, demonstrates that candidates demonstrate their values ​​and priorities, demonstrate that they understand voters’ problems and their commitment to finding solutions, and work hard to earn them. It is a method of modeling how to use the forces in the

The point of an education plan is neither to demonstrate proficiency in education policy nor to convince the few voters to peruse its details. What matters is where education ranks on your list of priorities, what you think is wrong with schools, how they should look good and what you think the government can do about it. is to show

The agenda also helps explain how this time will be different.many voters dissatisfied with the democratic party Desperate for change, it’s only been a few years since they got fed up with the Republican Congress enough to ditch it and let the Democrats join in.

Here’s one version of a conservative medium-term agenda that will appeal to voters. It focuses on the simple theme of supporting working families.

This support should begin by replacing existing child tax credits with more generous family benefits. $250 to $400 per child per month It is paid to the family who earns income. If the parents are married, they should receive her 20% bonus.
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It’s a policy, but what’s important for candidates is to communicate the importance of raising children, working to support them, getting married and staying married. One would argue that the bonus is perverse. Single parents are the ones who need the most help.

And lest all of this seem like an empty pie, three Republican senators already introduced such a proposalhas gained support from a wide range of conservative organizations and critics.
Candidates should then commit to giving workers more power in the labor market so they can earn more and better support their families. Her one element in that plan should be an increase in the federal minimum wage.Another factor is the imposition of a robust “e-verify” system that requires employers to verify the legal status of their employees, with harsh penalties for hiring people who are illegally in the country. low-skilled, low-wage American workers often suffer when they have to fight A large pool of undocumented workers, often willing to work under the table in substandard conditions and for less wages. When employers lose that option, their bargaining power increases.
Enforce the law, raise wages – it’s not complicated.yes, this already has Republican Proposal Even in the Senate.
To empower workers, they must also be equipped to succeed, and our education system typically fails to do this. According to a survey compiled by American Compass from the Department of Education and the Federal Reserve: one-fifth Young Americans are making good progress from high school to college to careers. They are far more likely to never even enroll in college, drop out, or get a job that doesn’t require a degree.
Therefore, Republicans As a matter of course Biden’s spending plan $500 billion While it forgives college debt, it does nothing to fix an out-of-reach higher education system. But that criticism becomes more significant when combined with some corrections.
Policy makers should hundreds of billions of dollars of Subsidy flows to higher education, some of them Go to useful instructions. Instead, offer a simple grant worth half the cost of public college tuition. Then use that savings to invest in other pathways that connect young people with employers and help them acquire valuable skills and on-the-job training.
A college graduate is fine, but About 60% of America’s young workers (Ages 25-34) None. If we succeed, millions more Americans will succeed. concentration Until the age of 20 with work experience, industry recognized qualifications and bank deposits.
Finally, it’s long past to protect our children online in the same way we try to protect them in the physical world. According to a Pew Research Center study, nearly half of children report It is “almost always” online and risks encountering all kinds of illegal content and exploitation. As the amount of time they spend on social media soars, they too are suffering from an unprecedented situation. declining mental health.
Neither parents nor our laws allow children to enter the real world on par with these online spaces, yet many parents are overwhelmed and ill-equipped. our law — especially for social media — is hopelessly outdated, written in the 1990s when “online” meant hearing the crackling of a modem establishing a connection over a family phone line. It’s a thing.
a Comprehensive agenda This requires online platforms to verify the age of their users and prohibit those platforms from displaying inappropriate content to minors. Minors’ social media activity is restricted and targeted advertising is prohibited. Silicon Valley will scream and no one should care – when it comes to children, we don’t ask if a policy is good for growth, innovation or profits, it’s for children. Ask whether it is good for you.

A winning Republican agenda could include other priorities, from winning the economic race with China to reviving U.S. manufacturing and exploiting natural resources. Not all candidates need to focus on the same thing. But in the next election, not being a Democrat still looks pretty good, but that may not be enough. America could put it on the back burner.

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