How to buy a motorcycle leather suit?

Or are you in the market for a racing suits or leather motorcycle jacket for the first time? You have to experience it with so little information and so many questions. Most Motostrano customers come to us looking for a suit with advice and recommendations from friends, many of whom have no idea what a good tailored suit is. We don’t ask you to ignore these suggestions or your own opinions. Because these recommendations may have the most weight in your decision of what to buy. But take a moment to look at the new information you might not send your friends.

A leather suit or two is usually a pretty big investment for most riders. Cost alone is the reason many riders don’t own a suit. Not to mention a good quality jacket. It’s safe to say that most motorcyclists hit the road with improper motorcycle gear. With these facts riding with any real safety gear, however, we believe you should own and use the best quality riding gear you can afford. Driving style and most importantly, you

We are often asked what the difference is between low-end and high-end sets. It depends on the number of features of the suit. The quality of the leather The quality of the interior of the suit The quality of the armor (if in a suit) The type and amount of stitching in the suit The more expensive the material and the longer it takes to make the suit. The more expensive the suit, the more you get for what you pay for, and a poorly fitted suit not only protects you less. But it won’t last long if you use the suit regularly. Here you can learn how to wear a leather jacket properly.

Features to look for in a suit include:

* Type of leather, cowhide, kangaroo or goatskin

* Leather thickness and packing weight

* Types of ventilation and perforation functions

* Types of packaging and protection

*Types of spine protectors, aerobulbs or inserts

* Slide type and strength

* Type and number of stitches

* Removable inner lining

* Put it in your pocket or lock it to protect your back.

* Use stretch material

The first thing to understand about motorcycle gear is leather. Be it cow or kangaroo skin. Provides more protection than any textile (fabric) currently available. Textile motorcycle clothing is light and comfortable. Easy entry and exit and good ventilation But there is no reason why any professional or amateur racer today does not use textile clothing on the racetrack. Cloth suits and jackets protect the rider and learn poorly in the event of an accident. Suit makers today use textile materials in parts of their suits that are less exposed to impact or stress, such as the armpits, groin, and of course, suit linings.

The properties of leather make it difficult to burn or tear in a collision. This does not mean that jackets and trousers should not be used for regular road trips. But for both types, leather provides more protection. All manufacturers use different types of leather. and different thicknesses of leather

You see, a wetsuit is a very thick second layer of skin that is worn on the body. Stitched onto this leather set in a serious movie is a strategically placed shield for even more protection. Then stretch the panels and lining for comfort and coolness. In the event of a collision, the leather protects against impact that can tear your skin and damage from scratches sliding off your skin. The impact shield is there to absorb as much impact energy as possible.

High-quality leather is thinner and softer. Therefore, the rider is lighter and more comfortable than heavy leather. Thin, soft leather also takes less time to break in than hard leather. Thin leather can be comfortable to wear. But it can no longer be fully protected. Or just clothes “break once”

Wetsuits are often available as “one-piece” and “two-piece.” A one-piece suit provides the best protection for both types. Because there are seams that are less likely to come apart in impact situations. Two-piece suits are slightly more versatile than one-piece suits. Because it can be fastened at the waist and you can wear it as a jacket. Some manufacturers, such as Alpinestars, offer separate jackets and track pants that can be worn together to create a complete outfit. However, riding jackets with zippered breeches usually do not fasten around the waist.

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