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Telegram Auto Delete Message is a feature that allows you to delete messages after they have been sent. This can be useful in many situations, such as when you send an email or text message and immediately regret it, or if there is sensitive information in your messages like credit card numbers or passwords. In this article, we will discuss what exactly Telegram Auto Delete Message is, and how it functions, and conclude by answering the question: Should I use telegram auto delete message?

A short introduction

To use this feature, you must first enable it in the Telegram(Telegram登录) settings. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon and going to Settings. Then, click on Privacy and choose Auto-delete messages from there.

You can set a time interval for deleting messages: between 5 minutes and 1 week (1 week is the maximum). If you want to keep any message forever, just set the timer for infinity (∞). When you send a message, it will be deleted after the specified period unless someone else receives it before then.

What exactly is Telegram Auto Delete Message?

Telegram Auto Delete Message is a feature that allows you to automatically delete messages from your Telegram account. This can be extended to other channels and bots, as well. It’s a useful feature for those who want to keep their inbox clean or don’t want others to access certain messages they have sent on the app.

This extension of the delete message function enables users to select any chat or channel and then choose what happens when messages are deleted: whether they are sent back into the archive or sent straight into the “Deleted Messages” folder.

How does it function?

This app allows you to delete your messages from any chat, no matter how long ago they were sent. This means that you can use this app for a variety of things:

-You can use it to make sure that no one sees the embarrassing message you accidentally sent last night at 3 am in which you told a perfect stranger she was “fucking gorgeous.” It’s perfectly natural to do things like this, but we all know it happens sometimes! With Telegram Auto Delete Message, however, those thoughts are kept private.

-You can also use the Telegram(Telegram注册) Auto Delete Message program to make sure that someone doesn’t see an embarrassing message from someone else! It’s true: people say bad things about each other all the time—even when they don’t mean them. If someone insults your best friend, use our auto-delete program so that no one has access to their words unless they want them to read aloud during a roast next month (or whatever).


Telegram Auto Delete Message is a very useful function that helps you to save space on your phone. With this feature, you can delete all your messages with a single click and it’s really easy to use.

You don’t have to worry about losing important information because Telegram will automatically archive the messages in the cloud so they are still accessible if needed.

We hope that this article was helpful for you

Telegram Auto delete message is a useful feature that helps you to save space on your phone. It also helps you to avoid spam, annoying messages, and messages from people you don’t want to talk to.

This feature allows you to set up a timer for messages that will automatically be deleted after a certain amount of time.

Last word

I hope that this article was helpful for you. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer them!

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