Clean up debris and damaged trees in Branson, Missouri neighborhood after Monday’s storm

BRANSON, MO (KY3) – Cleanup efforts are taking place in the Branson area after Monday’s high winds and heavy rain damaged trees and littered debris.

When Branson residents woke up on Tuesday morning, a storm had ravaged the entire lot, with trees blocking roads in some areas. says it will take a few days. T.

Across the Branson community, city leaders say power poles snapped in bad weather. City officials were clearing the debris Monday night. Neighbors say it’s been a quarter-sized hailstorm for quite some time.

Donna Timmons of Branson was sitting on her porch talking to her neighbors when the storm rolled in. She and her husband knew it was time to go inside when a large tree branch snapped and fell. She said the storm was a terrifying experience and she’s glad no one was hurt.

“You could feel the cold air coming in and all the trees started blowing,” Timmons said. It was really intense.”

Clean-up volunteer Ralph Craig says, “We were very lucky there weren’t any holes in the roof.” will knock out the

Timmons says a nearby fountain was also damaged after a tree branch fell on the pump line leading to the lake.

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