Garena Free Fire Which Country Game? Who is the owner?


Are you fond of Free Fire games and in such a situation you want to know, Garena Free Fire Which Country Game? . So today I will provide you with all the information related to free fire games. Free fire and pubg are very popular games in terms of battle royale games. There are more than 500 million downloads of the Free Fire game on the Play Store. It can be guessed from this, Free Fire games are very popular among the people.

Due to this, in the year 2019, Play Store also gave the award for Best Popular Vote Game to Free Fire. This game is considered best for mobile, because the size of this game is only 710 MB. You can play it without any lag even in a low smartphone. For the same pubg you need a high specification device. At present, there is a pubg ban, due to which pubg players have also started playing the free fire game.

The Free Fire game has more than 80 million active players all over the world. These figures are from May 2020. Apart from this, Free Fire organizes tournaments around the world. All gaming youtubers and pro players participate in the tournament. This question must have come to your mind also, after all, which country’s game is Free Fire and who is the owner of Free Fire . So today you will get the answer to your related question.

Garena Free Fire Which Country Game?

Free Fire is a game from the country of Singapore and the publisher of this game is Garena. Garena is an online game developer and publisher from the country of Singapore. The game headquarters of Free Fire are located in Singapore. Garena Company was established in 2009 and this company is from the video games industry.

The owner of Garena Company is Sea Limited Company and it was established in 2019. Along with this, the founder of Sea Limited is Forest Lee and the names of its subsidiaries are Garena, Shopee and SeaMoney. Apart from the Sea Limited Company founder, Gang is the director, COO and key person. The Free Fire game was launched in beta mode on 30 September 2017.

Who is the owner of Free Fire (Free Fire Owner Name)

Free Fire is owned by Forrest Li. Free fire games have been established by them only. Along with this, Garena is also owned by Forrest Li and its main person is Terry Zhao. Forrest Lee was born in the year 1977 and is a citizen of Singapore. The Free Fire game is published by Garena and Garena is a publishing company.

The developer of the Free Fire game is 111 Dots Studio. The publisher of the game is Garena and 111 Dots Studio has created the Free Fire game. Apart from this, Free Fire has earned more than 1 billion dollars worldwide as of November 2019.

What Is Free Fire

Free Fire is an online battle royal game. Here 50 players have to jump from an airplane on an island simultaneously. The player who survives till the end, that player wins the game. BOOYAH is given to the player as a win. Winner winner chicken dinner is given in the same pub. After successfully landing on the island, you have to find the gun very quickly.

Your anime also does this, so you have to find the gun quickly and kill the anime. You have to do the same thing throughout the game and you have to increase your health from time to time. If you survive till the end, you win the game. The Free Fire game has 3 modes and 3 maps, which the player has to choose before playing the game. The first mode is Sola, the second is Duo and the third is Squad. You can get rewards using free fire redeem code in garena free fire. 

  1. Solo – Only players can play in this and have to survive till the end.
  2. Duo – In this you can play by making a player of 2 friends and the opponent will also be 2 players.
  3. Squad – Most players choose this mode. This game is played with four players and Opponent also has 4 players.

For the map, you get the option of 3 maps. There are Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari maps available. Players can play by selecting any map. Apart from this, an option named Game Diamond is available, which helps you to get Elite Pass. You also have the option of stores in the game, in which you can buy characters, skins and outfits of your choice.

How many people play Free Fire

You must have always played the Free Fire game, and must have bought FF redeem code but have you ever wondered? How many people play free fire games? By the way, you can play with 50 players in a match. But you know the whole world wide, so let’s know. As of March 2021, there were 349,011,439 monthly active users in Free Fire. Apart from this, the maximum player in one was 43,055,014 active users. There were 80 million active users as of May 2020.


I hope you have got clear from which country Free Fire is the game and who is the owner of Free Fire . Apart from this, the Conclusion comes out as Free Fire is a very good game. This game has been made keeping in mind the mobile player.

Do not compare it with pubg. Since both the games are good in their respective places. The player likes to play the game which he likes. Free Fire is a smaller game than PUBG and is a bit of a cartoon type game. If you want to complete a match in less time, then Free Fire is best for you.

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